Celebrating transmasculinity

bklyn boihood came into existence as a response to the absence of positive representation of transmasculinity among people of color. For co-founder Ryann…

Federation of Negros LGBT: Empowering Negros Island’s LGBTs

Federation of Negros LGBT: Empowering Negros Island’s LGBTs

The Federation of Negros LGBT may have only been established this 2014, but it already has successes it can be proud of at…


Speaking from experience as singers and songwriters, New York-based out and proud gay musicians Nick Deutsch and Chris Blacker recommend for up and coming artists to be real…

Meet Amanda Vu, originally from Cebu City, who lip synchs not just for fun, but also to help push LGBT-related issues. “Making people feel happy watching our…


State of the Nation: The Grievances of PLHIVs

State of the Nation: The Plight of the Golden Gays

My identity is my issue…

Once there was a young activist

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Yuli Rustinawati: Standing up for equality

Yuli Rustinawati: Standing up for equality

Meet Yuli Rustinawati, the chairperson of Arus Pelangi and the national coordinator of Forum LGBTIQ Indonesia. “No one can take away your rights, your freedom just because you…

Go for broke in Mr. Gay World 2014

Go for broke in Mr. Gay World 2014

Meet Randolph Val Palma, a six-footer and 31-year-old Davaoeño, who will carry the Philippine flag to the upcoming Mr. Gay World, a global competition that goes beyond beauty…

Chinese Lala Alliance’s Dana: Finding ways to struggle

Chinese Lala Alliance’s Dana: Finding ways to struggle

Meet Dana, the executive director of the Chinese Lala Alliance, which advocates for the protection of the rights of lesbian, bisexual women, and trans groups and individuals across…

Amb. Goldberg urges Phl LGBTs to continue fighting

Amb. Goldberg urges Phl LGBTs to continue fighting

US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg hosted a Pride reception for LGBT advocates and allies in the country. “As members or advocates of the LGBT community…


April 2007 marked the launching of Outrage Magazine, the only Webzine made for, and by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines.

The LGBTzine remains loyal to the reasons of its existence (i.e. to be a relevant source of info on everything LGBT-related in the Philippines), and we are proud to say that year-on-year since we were established, Outrage Magazine’s scope has broadened. Aside from the coverage we provide, we actually have programs effecting changes to better the plight of LGBT Filipinos.

No surprise that our reach continues to grow, too, with our Website alone now getting well over 700,000 hits per month on average (with approximately 10,000 of them unique hits), while our Facebook page (not counting our other online presence) getting over hundreds of thousands of unique visits per week.

Yes, there is a need for information; and yes, we’re more than willing to provide.


On the one hand, WE OFFER AD SPACES.

And just in time, too, as pink lifestyle long invading mainstream living – think Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, or IKEA, or gay speak, or disco, or brunch, or My Husband's Lover, or... you get the point.

This makes the LGBT market, and those it affects, a goldmine for advertisers.

Consider these:
• 81% of LGBTs are more likely to use the Internet to obtain information about goods and services (Witeck-Combs)
• 72% to 94% of LGBTs prefer to buy brands that market directly to them (Harris/Witeck-Combs &Greenfield Online)
• 89% of LGBTs are brand-affiliated, this means that it is “most likely or highly likely to actively seek out brands that had advertised in gay media” (Simmons)
• LGBTs spend an average of 30 minutes per day, 12 times per month online (Nielsen NetRatings)
• LGBTs are twice as likely to be in management positions, twice as likely to have purchased online using a credit card, 79% are willing to pay a premium of quality products and services, 94% of gays and lesbians go out of their way to purchase products and services marketed directly to them in gay media, and 79% of LGBTs are highly likely to indulge themselves (@Plan, Simmons, Greenfield Online & Witeck-Combs)

It is time to target this market, we say.

So use us.

Abuse us, even.

This is the only time we will gladly let you.


On the other hand, HELP US HELP OTHERS. DONATE.

Because with your help, we can make a change.