4 Things to consider before rebranding

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, the question of how effective your brand is can come up often. If you are the sort of business owner who cares about how the business is perceived by the public, then you’ll be very conscious of your look. This isn’t vain, because it’s about your business and how you come across to people. If you think about the big business brands out there, even the color scheme can tell you all about that company – that’s the sort of company that you want to be spearheading.

When you get the time to think about how your brand is coming across to your customers, you need to consider holding some market research so that you can be up to date about opinions. Once you’ve gauged those opinions, it’s time to think about your rebranding campaign. You first have to calculate working capital that your business has so that you know whether you can even afford to rebrand. You then have to sit down and ask yourself the following four questions about your company image. Do this before you begin and invest a lot of time and even more money.

Do you need it? No, really. Does your company really need to overhaul the image, or could you make do with a few tweaks here and there? Far too many business owners decide to rebrand based on boredom and if you do that, you could be spending unnecessary money. Look at your brand and look at the opinions that you received from your customers. If they are happy with the way your business looks, you don’t have to do anything more than just improve typography or the color scheme.

Do you have a story? When you want to push your brand further afield, advertising becomes absolutely key. You need to build your brand around a story and it’s easier to build a story into a new brand than an existing one. Use blogs, vlogs, podcasts and social media to align your company with the message that your new brand is giving out into the world.

Will a rebrand upset loyal customers? Ideally, the answer here would be a hard no. You would have asked your existing customers their opinions before starting, so you would have their opinions ready. Make sure you know what makes your customers tick before you change it all and turn them off. People aren’t always a fan of change with a trusted brand.

Is this going to bring more cash? Marketing is there to bring your business; it’s the sole purpose of the job. If you have a rebrand in mind, then you need to consider how much money it’s going to bring you. If it isn’t, bin the idea – there’s just no point.

Rebranding isn’t an easy job for a company, so take your time and do your research before you go ahead and commit. Your company needs to continue to be a success and rebranding may be the thing that gets you there.

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