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4 Things young adults should be concerned about, but aren’t

We live in a time of high consumption. We want more of everything now: more time, more social life, more travel, more technology. Whatever young adults today want, they want more of it. The problem is that the current generation believe that they are invincible. Nothing can hurt them despite the incorrect perception that they are a low-risk population.

This feeling of blanket invincibility means that young people are no longer worrying about the big things in life, while they should. The notion that an entire generation believe that they are untouchable by health issues is alarming, especially as the world we live in today is still as dangerous for our health than it ever has been before.

Young adults face many risks in the world when it comes to their health and paying attention to the risks is seen as uncool and for ‘grown ups’. The lack of insight about the world and what can affect them is a concern in a world bursting with a constant flow of information. So, what risks do young adults face today that they are turning a blind eye to?

Chronic Disease

The tragedies that happen in life, such as heart disease, depression and types of cancer that require appointments with Dr. Daniel Allison, are not considered a concern by many young adults. The reason for this is that the 18 – 25 age range believe that most of those issues are for ‘older’ adults and middle age. The thing that most just don’t understand is that those three medical concerns are in the top five causes of death in young adults. Cancer is a scary concept, but bone and soft tissue cancers are much more common in young adults and it’s important to stay vigilant about lifestyle to avoid developing these. Many diseases that either begin or advance in those early adult years are often not picked up on until at a later stage. Heart disease and stroke are far better addressed in youth, because lifestyle changes can be made early to avoid them.


Live fast, die young, right? No – absolutely not. Young adults believing that they are invincible will be in for a short, sharp shock when they discover that, actually, driving fast and disregarding road rules is tantamount to idiocy. The 18 – 25 age group are the group that spend more time involved in car accidents and hospitalization because of it than any other age group. It’s this culture of invincibility that makes them believe that weaving through cars and speeding is a good idea – it’s not.

Of course, not every young adult thinks this way, but almost all young adults have a very blasé view of seatbelts and road safety. Watching the road is important as is staying safe: it could make the difference to whether or not you live or die on the next road trip.

Intentional Injury

Gangs aren’t uncommon across the countries and for the most part, gang members fit into the young adult bracket. Firearms, knife attacks and general infighting and abuse are prevalent among this age group, and intentional injury is high. The 18-25 bracket also have a far higher risk of suicide and psychological distress. The bridge from teenager years to adulthood can be a difficult one to balance for most, and the onset of suicidal thoughts can be a result of this stress. They are also at a bigger risk of firearm injury than teenagers and older adults.

Young adults also show a large disregard for sexual health, putting themselves at risk for STDs and unwanted pregnancies. This is largely due to a lack of education both at school and at home. Understanding the risks of not using contraception just doesn’t enter their minds at a time of hormones and thinking less with their brains.

Drugs & Alcohol

Making the decision to excessively drink or to experiment with recreational drugs are immature and the opposite of sensible. The thing is, when you’re young and in high school and then college, you can be easily swayed by peer pressure to experience those things. Young adults fit into the category of ignorance when it comes to the risk of drink and drugs, especially as both of these things are seen as a rite of passage during the college years.

There is a lot of information out there on why they should just say no, but not enough people actually do it. Taking drugs in some forms isn’t just illegal and it doesn’t just affect the taker. Having a low perception of risk means that adults 21-25 are most likely to get arrested for a DUI and be in an accident related to drink driving or driving under the influence. The taker isn’t just the only person at risk; the death rate for those hit by drunk drivers is far too high to be any kind of okay!

Insurance for young people who believe that nothing will happen to them is low, and it’s something that should be brought up very regularly with the current generation. Ignorance is not okay, and choosing to turn a blind eye to bad behavior that could affect other people is also not okay. Young adults who believe that they are invincible will need a reality check. We may live in a world that is fighting for change: with LGBTQ+ rights now fought for daily and the fight for acceptance no matter what gender you are on the rise, the world should be concentrating on making sure that our young adults are informed, educated and understanding.

There is no excuse for ignorance and while everyone can believe that something will ‘never happen to them’, it’s not always the case. Cancer happens. Heart disease happens. And not just to old people. It’s so important to be informed and if you are a young adult reading this right now, then you need to go and pick up a pamphlet or four. Learn what the risks are in your life and you can be far more vigilant against them.

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