DSWD moves to create gender-inclusive workplace

The Department of Social Welfare and Development grants right for workers to choose uniform befitting gender identity/expression of employees.

To foster a gender-inclusive workplace, the undersecretary for IDG of the Department of Social Welfare and Development – Mae Fe Ancheta-Templa – has directed all executives and management committee members and all regional directors and attached agencies of the government office to respect the uniform chosen by any employee in a manner consistent to his or her gender identity and expression.

The directive states: “Preferred uniform styles of personnel belonging to the LGBTQ community will be respected, i.e. either they opt to wear pants (in lieu of skirt) or skirt (in lieu of pants), following the grant of clothing allowance for 2016.”

According to the same directive, this is a move for the department to “cultivate an environment free from discrimination, where diversity and inclusion are valued at all levels.”


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