Enthralled in Enchanted Kingdom

Ronel Angeles visits ‘Enchanted Kingdom’, a theme park in Laguna that some dub as a pale comparison of the likes of Disneyland, but a place he says allows for anyone to let the inner child come out and have fun. “After all, if a place is able to let us let go of our worries even for a while, no matter where that place may be, I say I’m all for it,” he says.

LGBT people are not that different from non-LGBT people, I say. As we get older, we also have to deal with pressure of “acting like adults” (though perhaps there are LGBT people who have to live as adults earlier due to their being LGBT).

But I have come to realize that you should not let that inner child die inside you. And instead of just missing what may be a stress-free childhood, there may be times for us to be kids again even if only for a day and only once in a while.

It is this that led me to the Enchanted Kingdom, a recognized theme park in Philippines, located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Yes, I know some may (even) look down at this place as a pale imitation of, say, Disneyland; but not everyone can afford to travel overseas (or even has a passport for that matter), so it more than suffices as a place to visit whether with your lover, loved ones or even just by yourself and have fun like a child (on the latter, you can even mingle with someone and ask for him/her to be your “ride buddy” for that day!).

The theme park itself can be magical – starting with the colorful environment that can be appealing to the eyes (and my rainbow-colored soul); and rides and booths scattered all over the park that satisfy “themes” one may desire (e.g. space, jungle, et cetera).

It was raining hard when I went for a visit, but the downpour did not dampen my spirit or stop me from having fun. I saw, too, the delight in the eyes of the kids (and even adults) who were with me, or who crossed my path, that day.

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And I suppose this is what’s worth highlighting; the capturing and letting go of that inner child I’m speaking of. After all, if a place is able to let us let go of our worries even for a while, no matter where that place may be, I say I’m all for it.

A rainbow welcomed me there, too!

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