How technology is transforming the gambling industry

Ever since its advent, the gambling industry has found many ways to capitalize on new developments in technology so as to ensure that it remains as relevant and accessible as possible. Consequently, it is now easier to gamble than ever before with every smart device serving as a virtual casino.


This article takes a look at how some of the methods, systems and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge are being utilized to improve the gambling industry.


One of the technologies that the gambling industry has really taken advantage of is data modeling as well as predictive analytics. In this industry, the application of technology does not just end with getting gamers to download casino apps on their phones that will turn their devices into extensions of physical casinos.

Many casinos now use technology to find out more about their customers’ preferences as well as keep track of their playing history. They use this information to provide quality service and customer experience.


Gambling establishments now use everything from facial recognition to Radio-Frequency Identification chips in order to boost security. They also use proximity sensors to remotely offer sophisticated access control features to their premises, especially in areas which are not safe at night. Furthermore, with proximity sensors such as Bluetooth, some of these establishments are able to let in authorized customers only whenever the sensors detect a customer’s smart gadget approaching.

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Some of the security technologies that are used in casinos are not only meant for boosting security. For instance, many casinos also use facial recognition chips to spot VIP guests and popular card counters. Nevertheless, radio-frequency identifications in chips not only deter thieves and counterfeiters, they also enable casinos to see exactly how much money is on the tables as well as what the flow of bets looks like. Other security technologies such as tracking systems makes it easier for these establishments to determine how often players are winning.


Player tracking systems record every detail about every bet. For example, they record how much the bet is for, what the odds are, how long the player has been at the table and many other important details.

Using data modeling technologies, gambling establishments can set up player profiles that help them assess the risks for each player – and manage that.

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These are some of the ways in which technology is being tapped into by casinos to improve and make gambling safer, more enjoyable and more rewarding. However, in as much as the gambling sector has significantly adopted digital forms of gambling with a whole lot of technologies to ensure that it remains relevant and accessible, traditional physical casinos are still a common feature in many cities as well as towns around the world. But even so, the majority of these establishments today have digital gambling machines and equipment to ensure that they remain on top of their game just as online casinos.

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