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LGBT healing center opened

The WellLooking at promoting the wholistic well-being and wellness of LGBTs, a healing center has opened in Metro Manila.

Called “The Well”, it is actually the result of a four year project that aimed to develop wholistic system to respond to LGBT-specific needs, including a manual for preparing staff to help people with various needs for healing.

In an attempt to avoid traces of personality cult plaguing other groups, those who staff the center jointly administer the healing works of The Well. Among the staff are: Dr. Richard Mickley, a psychologist with decades of experience advising persons with HIV on how to live with a stronger immune system and all-around wellness, as well as with 40 years of experience in living and teaching the 12 Steps of Recovery from any kind of addiction; and a college teacher, Argel Tuason, with extensive background in meditation and relaxation for wellness, and who completed extensive studies in how to help people, especially LGBT people, recover from the trauma of negative church teachings regarding sex and sexuality.

Sessions are held for: wholistic wellness with HIV, and 12-steps addiction recovery, relationship programs, among others.

All help in The Well is free, and no questions about religion or orientation or gender will be asked. As such, Filipinos living with HIV may find individual or group support from the group, or its sister community, Yoga for Life.

Appointments may be made by text or email; and this also gives the servant leaders an opportunity to set up an appointment with the servant leader best suited for the needs of the person seeking help.

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Any person is invited to seek help or healing in any of the areas mentioned, and applications for volunteer staff servant leaders are welcome.

For more information, SMS/call Richard Mickley at (+63) 9981662525; Argel Tuason at (+63) 9327983511; or email:

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  1. Secret Guy

    Aug 11, 2013 at 12:06 am

    I’ve made contact. Please ignore or better yet delete my earlier comment

  2. Secret Guy

    Aug 10, 2013 at 6:11 am

    Hi Outrage, are you sure about the contact info? I’ve been trying to email and text but still have no response.

    • admin

      Aug 10, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      Secret Guy:
      This material was provided by the people behind The Well itself, so we are certain about the contact information. However (and unfortunately), we cannot explain the lack of response from their end.
      Nonetheless, we directly coordinated with The Well’s key people to ascertain if your email and text messages were received and – for that matter – why no response has been provided.
      We hope this helps somehow, as we, too, believe in the promise of The Well.

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