Quirky anniversary gifts for the couple who has everything

Anniversaries are important milestones to be celebrated, but finding the perfect gift for couples can be a minefield. Especially if they are the type of folks that just buy anything as soon as they want it because it leaves you with very few options. However, there is a clever way around this problem, and it’s going for the quirky gift pick.

To help you with this we have tracked down some of the best suggestions below.


If the couple in question are big fans of a particular show or film then picking something to do with that is the best idea. There are a plethora of Star Wars related item out there, some of which can be customized like lightsaber keyrings and adorable Lego figure art.  


Then there is all the Game of Thrones merch out there with “Moon of my life and my sun and stars” on them. Literally, you can get everything from mugs t-shirts if you look, so if they are GOT obsessed, you are sorted.

For geeky couples not into specific shows, you can use sites like to find weird and wonderful items that are bound to raise a laugh. Although if the couple in question love their computer games how about some player one and player two matching t-shirts?


However, your friends may be the type of people that wouldn’t be seen dead with anything so twee as the geeky gifts mentioned above in their apartment. If this is the case, you need to think a bit more high end and find something classy.

To succeed in this category, you have to first check out the latest trends online and apply this to their taste. At the moment anything is rose gold or bronze is big news, as are 70’s fringed wall hanging in a minimalistic style.


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If the couple you are buying for is a bit more hippy and chilled then you may not have quite such a task ahead of you when buying a gift.

Something that can work particularly folks like these is a six-month or year subscription box membership. Just make sure you pick ones like these that cater to their hippy and alternative interests.

Alternatively, you can scour the local flea markets or online auction sites for something quirky and original to adorn their walls. Look for things in rainbow hues, with the words peace and love, and natural motifs to be on the right track.


If the couple that you are buying an anniversary gift for has recently become parents the job of buying them a gift might be easier than you think. Just stay away from anything baby related! Trust me they don’t want another set of baby grows or a mobile that plays nursery rhymes.

Instead, focus on getting them something that they can indulge in together and enjoy as a couple. A spa day is a wonderful gift, as is a voucher for a good meal at their favorite restaurant, where they can rekindle some of the romance that was there before the little one came along.

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