#SaveSexyLaBoracay2018 canceled; support for Boracay rehab expressed

The Red Whistle Organization (TRW) announced that it decided to cancel #SaveSexyLaBoracay2018.


The Red Whistle Organization (TRW) announced that it decided to cancel #SaveSexyLaBoracay2018.

In a statement, the organizers said that “this is a difficult decision for us to make because #SaveSexy was born in #LaBoracay and the Boracay island community has played a gracious host to us in the last five years. The #LaBoracay phenomenon has enabled us to reach hundreds of thousands of people on the ground and online through social media. #LaBoracay is an example that social media can be a tool for social change.”

Also, while TRW is mainly an HIV advocacy organization, “we understand and support the need for Boracay’s rehabilitation and cleanup. Boracay is famous for its once pristine waters and its white sand beaches and without them, it will be hard to sustain its tourism-based economy. There are many approaches to rehabilitation and we support those approaches that will have maximum effect on environmental improvement and minimal impact on the lives and livelihood of our friends who live and work in Boracay.”

In recognition of the important role that Boracay has played in TRW’s advocacy and in support of the multi-sector drive to restore and rehabilitate the island’s natural environment, the organization is planning a fundraising event to support other organizations that will take part in the rehabilitation efforts. The funds raised may also be used to assist individuals who will be directly affected by Boracay’s closure.

“TRW believes that we live in a society where issues intersect. At the end of the day, a vibrant and healthful environment is necessary in our long term vision of a world free of AIDS,” the TRW statement further stated.

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For inquiries, contact: Bill Julius Cosare, committee head, #SaveSexyLaBoracay2018 and The Red Whistle Organization, at

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