‘Stonewall X Silang’ encourages people to literally ‘wear their causes on their sleeves’


A group of 20-year-old business students from the University of the Philippines-Diliman launched “Stonewall X Silang”, a social entrepreneurship that aims to highlight LGBT issues in the Philippines.

Named after the 1969 Stonewall Riots that is widely accepted to have have helped start the Western-influenced modern LGBT movement, plus the Filipino hero Gabriella Silang, “Stonewall X Silang” eyes to make people “wear their causes on their sleeves” – literally. The brand is currently selling an LGBT line featuring two designs: “Love is Love” and “Love Wins”; with plans to launch a feminist line soon.

In a statement, Stonewall X Silang stated that “struggling for equality (is) tough. We’re all fighting but not all of us can fight in the same way. Not all of us are capable of publicly rallying against homophobia, writing essays about sexism in the workplace, or joining public demonstrations against victim-blaming. And that’s okay. Sometimes, we need to find other ways to get involved. And that’s what Stonewall X Silang stands for.”

To this end, Stonewall X Silang “recognizes that equality can be achieved in everything one does – from marching in a rally to… wearing a shirt that voices out your stand.”

Beyond the product line, Stonewall X Silang also features stories of people involved in the battle for gender equality – e.g. LGBT love stories are shared via the #LoveIsAProtest hashtag.

A portion of all of the profits will be donated to LGBT/feminist causes and organizations, including Outrage Magazine.

For more information, visit Stonewall X Silang’s Facebook page; order at; or email


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