Summer is over so book a trip to NYC this winter

In the summer, New York City is nothing short of a hot mess. We mean that quite literally because temperatures often rise to tropical levels in June and July. In the open, away from a city, this is a heavenly environment. A hot summer in New York makes the urban dwelling start to smell like a hobo’s shoe that has just been dipped in toxic sewage.

Instead of heading to New York in the summer, book for the winter months. November through to February is the ideal time to book a trip to New York for several key reasons.




If you are lucky, and tourists often are, it will snow while you’re in New York City. At this point, the zoo might be closed, but the park becomes a winter wonderland. You’ll see snowball fights, romantic trips on horse-drawn carriages. As well as this, it will look exactly as you’ve seen it before in movies such as Home Alone 2. We’re not even sure you can fully appreciate Central Park unless it’s hidden beneath a thick covering of snow. Sure, your friend might have sat and had a picnic in the middle of the park if they arrived in June. But, if you head over in November, you’ll get to make a snow angel.




If you’re fed up of your hometown not catching the Christmas spirit, head to NYC and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll love the beautiful decorations that start to appear all around the city. Then there are the shop windows, designed to ensure that holiday shoppers stop in for a treat or two. Not to mention you can get an NYC helicopter tour over the city after it’s had a fresh covering of snow. You don’t want to miss out on this possibility of seeing a city that looks like a Christmas haven from the skies. If you’re worried about missing out on this by heading over too early, there’s no need. The lights are being put up right now, and New Yorkers will be preparing for snow in just a few weeks. It’s the perfect time to book.


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In the middle of July, you’ll struggle to move through the streets of New York due to the massive numbers of tourists that flock to the city. Good luck standing on that famous red staircase. You’ll need to queue if you want a chance to take a selfie like this. That’s not true in winter. The colder temperatures have driven most people inside so the city will be yours to explore. No queues, no waits and no delays as you see some of the best sites NYC has to offer.


Yes in the winter, prices crash in NYC, and we’re not just talking about the end of autumn sales. Every major tourist attraction drops their prices to encourage more people to go. We recommend buying no tickets in advance. Instead, show up at the door and buy tickets at the gate for all the attractions. You’ll save a fortune.

Have we convinced you NYC is the place to be this winter?


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