Summer highlights for the Tri-State area

We recently did a feature on how NYC is a real winter wonderland for tourists, but as the warmer months are quickly approaching, it seems like a good time to investigate the tourism options in the Tri-State area for summer.

The Tri-State area commonly includes the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and it offers everything from metropolitan excitement, casino culture and beautiful beaches for the holiday season.



New York City is the focal point of the Tri-State area, and whilst the temperatures in the city can be sweltering at the peak of summer, there’s always the chance for a little urban relaxation within the delights of Central Park.

In addition to this, the city has many stunning rooftop bars like West Village’s chic Jane Hotel that offers amazing cocktails with even more stunning views over the surrounding metropolis.

And if you need to escape the oppressive heat of the day, then it’s worth remembering that the city’s magnificent museums like the Museum of Modern Art and the American Museum of Natural History have pretty good air conditioning.



But for the true taste of summer, then it’s hard to beat the retro charms of Coney Island. This much-loved beach and amusement area is packed full of rickety rollercoasters and old-school amusements, and it offers a colorful and action-packed way to spend a summer’s day.

And for night-time’s entertainment, it’s the casinos of Atlantic City in New Jersey that manage to combine dazzling lights with traditional gambling games like roulette and poker.

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Of course, it can be a long drive to make it down to the New Jersey resort, but thankfully gambling sites like New Jersey Online Casinos have meant that you can take advantage of relaxed gambling laws in Atlantic City to enjoy these classic slots and table games.

These gambling sites mean that you have more time to explore the beautiful coastline of New Jersey that is dotted with pretty towns like Cape May to offer a pleasant contrast to the casino excitement.



And while Connecticut is often overlooked compared to New York and New Jersey, it’s a wonderful place to visit in the summer months thanks to its rolling green hills and charming shoreline.

And with the fascinating Mystic Seaport museum providing a fascinating glimpse into the maritime history of the state, it shows just how much there is to explore in the Tri-State area this summer.

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