Survival strategies to get you through a heartbreaking divorce

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to save a marriage, no matter how much you and your partner love one another. The reasons for filing for a divorce can be manifold and make sense, but they can still be completely heartbreaking. Divorce is never easy. With that in mind, how do you survive one? No matter how bad it seems to be, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And these survival strategies can help you get there.




There will be plenty of people in your life who can help you overcome this trauma. Your close friends will always be there for you and can certainly provide you with plenty of support through a divorce. Not only that, though, but they will also do a very good job of taking your mind off things! You can always rely on your best friends to be the first people to take you out to cheer you up! There are also many community support groups for women who are going through a divorce. Many of these also specialize in helping women who are coming out of an abusive relationship.




It is in everyone’s interest to get the divorce over and done with. That way, both you and your partner can quickly move on and start with your new lives. This is also important if you have children. Arguing over the custody can just cause further heartache and can prolong the divorce. This causes a lot of unnecessary stress for everyone involved. As soon as you decide to end the marriage, find a divorce lawyer who can help you get a settlement on custody and finalize the divorce.


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For many women, the main struggle comes after the divorce once the dust has settled. They will have been used to being in a couple for so long, that they now have trouble defining who they actually are. The best way to get through this is to take up new hobbies and to try and increase your social circle. It could also be a good idea to get out there and start dating again. This may be difficult if you have children to look after, but it can help you on your search to find The One. Living your life rather than just dwelling on the past is a great way to unleash a new you, and to really move on beyond this upsetting time.




If possible, try and remain on amicable terms with your ex-partner. This is especially important if you both have kids. By staying friendly with one another, you are minimizing the impact on the kids. Even if you aren’t arguing in front of the children, they could still pick up on any bad feelings between the two of you. Also, try not to take out your anger and frustration on your kids. If anything, you should be using them as a source of strength and comfort to get you through this difficult period.

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