Tang Phl’s pro-LGBT ad makes a mark

Tang Philippines has joined companies with pro-LGBT ads. One of the episodes in its #WeAreHomemade series features the Bacorro mother and child talking about the son’s SOGIE while the mom is – obviously – mixing the sugared drink.

This ad was actually first released in July, but it has recently been making the rounds – and for a sweet reason (pun intended).

The mother, Grace, first noted that she noticed her son being the way he is even when he was still young.

The child, John, asked his mom: “Ikinahiya mo ba ako, Ma (Were you ever ashamed of me, Mother)?”

The mother answered: “Ako na mismo nagasabi sa iyo na proud ako. Buong puso talaga kitang tinanggap (I was the one who told you that I’m proud of you. I accepted you wholeheartedly).”

The child said that he hid his SOGIE in the past because he was afraid of his father; and that he thought the father would physically hurt him or kick him out for being gay.

The mother said she favors the son more than the father. “Mawala ang ama, ‘wag lang ang anak (Let the father leave, but not the child).”

With this ad, Tang Philippines joins the likes of  Minola, Smart and even the infamous Bench in showing LGBT living in the Philippines.

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