The 3 attributes all great marriages are built with

A marriage is more akin to a house than a relationship. It must be maintained long-term, it must shelter from certain outside difficulties, and it must be a place where both of you feel at home. It must have solid foundations, and strength against the stormy weather. It must also be a place where you can craft memories, making the whole endeavor distinctly worth it from the get go. Getting married is something that makes everyone feel more at home, because conjoining with a partner both legally and emotionally allows you to feel as though you’re living as a duo, rather than going through life alone.

There are attributes that all great marriages are built on, however. Just like houses, these cornerstones must be in place if the structure is to last.

With the following tips, you are sure to experience one of the strongest marriages possible.


Humorless couples often do not stay together very long. It matters that the people involved can laugh at themselves, and joke about seemingly strange things. In fact, the best marriages (and families for that matter) are able to speak in their own form of language, with weird little idiosyncrasies and inside jokes that become popular within the frame of the marriage. These small moments of levity are the moments that truly matter, and if you share these well with your partner then it’s likely you have been made for one another.


It’s important for each member of the marriage to feel they are on the same level of importance as the partner they are tied to. Marriages in which one side believes themselves superior also do not last long, as the social connection is poisoned from the beginning. If you can act silly, look ugly, stay stupid things and generally show the least of yourself to your partner and they still love you, then your marriage is something stronger than rock. Of course, you should provide this for them also, as marriages are reciprocal if they are to work in the least.


What good is a marriage if you can’t regularly celebrate the small quirks which bring you together? This could mean that from the get-go, being gifted Tacori engagement rings found here shows that you have a strong place in your potential partner’s heart, and they are willing to celebrate you with an item of true significance. It could be that you purchase impromptu vacation packages to simply get away and spend time with one another, or that you regularly go for evening meals out when nothing else is going on. That celebratory nature is very similar to the ‘date feelings’ that young couples get when they’re beginning to fall madly in love.

Imagine these three attributes as the trio of pillars which keep any marriage upheld and healthy from a social perspective. Throw in the correct amount of intimacy, and you have a marriage for the ages. We wish you the best of luck on your combined journey.

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