The different types of people you’ll definitely meet in Vegas

If you’re going to Vegas soon, you will probably already have some ideas of what to expect: casinos, all-you-can-eat buffets, chilling by the pool, and lots of sunshine. You should expect to meet some types of people too. After all, it’s a place of cliches so it will attract all of the stereotypes that you would expect.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different people you’ll meet out on the strip in Las Vegas – for better or for worse.



Las Vegas is known for its little chapels and Elvis-inspired weddings, so you should definitely expect to see a few newlyweds when you are wandering around the city. In actual fact, you might spot some couples just before or after they have been to the church. Many couples head straight to the casinos and bars to celebrate after taking their nuptials, so there are often glamorous ladies in their wedding dresses playing at the slot machines.


Have you seen the movie The Hangover? It tells the tale of a group of friends who head to Sin City for a bachelor party and end up very worse for wear. While Hollywood may have taken the gang’s antics to the extreme, it is true that Las Vegas is a magnet for bachelor parties. They will most likely be relaxing and nursing their hangovers by the pool all day before getting ready to hit the casinos and clubs in the evening.



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It’s easy to spot the rookie gamblers in Las Vegas. They are the ones sweating by the roulette wheel or blackjack table. They might not have gambled before because they’ve never been to Vegas, or because they have only just turned twenty-one. Or their only experience of gambling might be at the online casino Unibet or another gambling website. Either way, they will certainly look nervous as hell at the tables and probably won’t come away with a whole load of cash. They are the complete opposite of the high rollers…


The complete opposite of the rookie gamblers, the high rollers have been coming to Vegas for years. They will likely be wearing the big cowboy hats so that they look the part, and will look very comfortable sitting at the cards tables. Most of these guys know that there is no point heading to the casinos during the day as they are always so busy with tourists. Instead, they wait until it is starting to get dark to come out. If you are ever up late in Vegas, take a walk through the casinos, as watching all of the high rollers bet huge wads of cash will certainly be an impressive sight to behold.

You’ll have a great time while in Las Vegas, even if you bump into a few of the stereotypes I’ve mentioned above. In fact, seeing them might really put you in the spirit of things.

Have a fun trip in Sin City, and let us know if you do bump any of the above people.

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