What security breaches mean to real money transacted online

There has been a recent discovery of two big security flaws in the microprocessors used in nearly all of the world’s computers.

Meltdown and Spectre are the two problems that can allow hackers to steal the entire computer memory contents. According to the researchers, there is no easy way to fix the Spectre and they suggest that redesigning could be required. The software patch needed to fix Meltdown could slow down a computer by 30% which is very bad for people who are used to fast downloads.

Security experts at Google and various academic institutions stated that the Meltdown flaw affects virtually every microprocessor made by Intel, of which Intel is the producer of the chips used in more than 90% of the computer servers that underpin the internet. The other flaw is Spectre which affects most processors used by Windows and Mac operating systems. The researchers believe that this flaw is difficult to get rid of since there is no known fix for it.

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This case leaves most if not all computer users vulnerable to threats like hacks. The makers of Windows and Mac operating systems, Microsoft and Apple respectively have to distribute software code that can patch the first flaw. As for the open source operating Linux, the worldwide community of coders that oversees it has already posted a patch for the operating system. This is very helpful because the operating system is run on about 30% of the computer servers worldwide. Linux is mostly used by the big companies like Facebook and Google, so those who have their information on these platforms are safe for now.

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What do these security breaches mean to real money online gambler?

Most of the online gambling sites that are run by legitimate business people invest a lot into security play pokies now and stand a chance to win big. This is because they understand that if people cannot trust that their deposits and wins are safe, they will not play real money games. For this reason, the internet gambling sites use the same type of security system that is used by financial institutions. Therefore, the player’s money and personal information are very safe.

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