‘What’s the T?’ to premier on Hulu

Whats the T

What’s the T?, a documentary that tackles the lives of select transgender women, is slated to premier exclusively on Hulu on June 24.

What’s the T? was conceptualized by Cecilio Asuncion, who noted “a number of documentaries on transgender women, and it would mostly focus on the transition phase and end with the gender reaffirmation surgery. Nobody ever covers what happens after,” he said to Outrage Magazine in an earlier interview.

What’s the T? is, therefore, an “aspirational documentary” that explores the challenges, successes, and lives of five transgender women: Cassandra Cass, Nya Ampon, Rakash Armani, Vi Le, and Mia Tu Mutch.

When asked why Hulu decided to include What’s the T? in its collection, Benjamin Shearn, director of distribution of EYEFilm Releasing Inc. said: “Honestly, why wouldn’t we? It’s a beautifully made documentary about a timely and fascinating subject. What’s the T? has that magic combination of taking on important subject matter with grace and intelligence, as well as being a well-paced and entertaining film.”

Shearn added: “What Cecilio Asuncion has done with What’s the T? is deeply humanize transgender women. He defines them in the film firstly as vivid, three-dimensional people. Being transgender is simply an element of that dimensionality and depth. This is, in the end, perhaps one of the only effective paths toward mainstream acceptance. Whether we like it or not, pop culture shapes public perception. The more balanced the portrayal of transgender women can be in pop culture the more hope there is that these women can be seen for what they truly are: human beings!”

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