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10 Things I question about the alter world

There are a few things to be abhorred in the alter world; let’s check out some here.

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Alter… that alternative world created as a haven of some sort so that people (mostly gay or bi men, or just men who have sex with men) can live “alternate” personas online (though mostly in social networking sites like Twitter, TG/telegram, et cetera).

Having my own alter account, I see the benefits – e.g. the anonymity, particularly for those who want to kalat/live wantonly and yet not be identified as THAT oh-so-wild person; the perks of hooking up conveniently; the idolatry of “fans” and “followers”, all there to see what wild things I may do next; and the possible income, particularly from die-hard supporters willing to spend money to see me do… stuff.

But exactly because I have an alter account, I personally know it’s not all that. There are a few things to be abhorred in the alter world; let’s check out some here.

1. More than a lot assume they’re famous.

One time, I spoke with this person who said “thousands saw my sex video”.

I told him “scandals” are a three-for-one-peso now.

He said, “No, I’m different; I’m famous.”

My friend, the editor in chief of Outrage Magazine, Michael David, mentioned “scandals” from the past – e.g. Monica Lewinsky sexually harassed by then US President Bill Clinton; the “leaked” sex tape of Paris Hilton; etc. Then he asked this guy who claimed he’s famous if he even heard of these scandals.

“No,” the guy said, added with: “And who are these people?”

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And that’s the point: many with alter accounts had sex videos viewed many times. But am not sure this makes them “famous”; or for that matter, of merit.

2. The same people assume that this “fame” means they have influence out of the clients’ fantasies.

So you have a sex video. Which may have become viral for a week or so, and while on top, helped people orgasm. At least until the next popular alter video surfaces. But that’s exactly the point here: the assumed “influence” due to the supposed fame is tenuous at best.

3. Conversations are almost always limited to “What do I get from this?”.

You want to find a “real” friend in this world? Good luck with that!

Because here, if/when you meet someone at all, it’s to collab(orate) so either or both can monetize the output. Yes, this is including fucking, which either or both of you can post for people to see – for a fee – in your personal socked accounts.

So yes, everything is impersonal; everything is transactional; everything is money-dependent.

4. They will use your influence ( e.g. followers / numbers ) then eventually will use it against you.

Particularly in the context of competition, those who are in the same space as you may end up becoming an enemy. The bad part here is this tendency to look for blind followers (also in the alter world), and they then pick fights with you (this time as a group), even harass you until you quit, or if not, constantly report your account until you get suspended.

This is the “cancel” culture of the alter world… which reminds you of high school and those mean girls.

5. You will meet a lot of curated and too-good-to-be-true profiles.

Ever encountered someone who said he’s “daks” (with a big dick), going as far as saying “only those who can handle over 7 inches should respond”? And then you meet him and you discover that… what “daks” was he talking about?

And I’m only tackling penis size; other characteristics are over-promised yet under-delivered with many alters.

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6. Cloutchasing is real.

Then there are those who know someone big, who happens to know someone bigger, who also knows someone even bigger. Or those who worked with someone big, who worked with this or that bigger one, who also worked with someone even bigger.

Alter can be a new face of social climbing.

7. They will gain your trust and eventually extortion, gaslighting, ghosting, lovebombing, et cetera.

In 2017, I spoke with an alter. This led to getting-to-know stage – e.g. deeper conversations, professing of affections, et cetera. So we met. Because of the supposed attachment, we ended up having sex. Afterwards, we parted ways amicably… until it wasn’t amicable anymore. In fact, he just ghosted me; all those “attachments” were pretensions to get in bed, with no intention to do anything after the bedding.

8. Stealing content is prevalent.

Many download from original content creators, paste their faces there, supposedly for their “reactions” to the aforementioned content, and then upload this as if suddenly it became their own content.

Then there are those who undercut the original content creator/s by selling “pirated copies” of their vids.

Justify if you want, but this is theft.

9. Ignoring consent.

I know of an alter whose identity – while getting fucked in an uploaded video – was revealed sans his consent. It made “noise”, thus earning more money for the one to expose the identity. But it greatly affected the person whose identity was exposed – e.g. ostracized for his acts, scorned by workmates, forced to come out to relatives, et cetera.

10. Alters can – and do – ruin lives.

Case in point: One student lost his scholarship over a “kalat vid”.

This, interestingly, touches on sex negativity. Which is weird; manyak na nga ang alter, sila pa ang moralista.

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That it’s there and affords some anonymity to those who want to express parts of themselves without the need to be identified, alter can be good. But yeah… it takes a lot of amending for it to truly serve its users (content producers and consumers) well.

Cagayan de Oro City-based Stephen Christian Quilacio may be known as a party-goer (and yes, there's nothing wrong with that!). But this Bachelor of Architecture grad is serious when it comes to LGBTQIA and HIV advocacies - e.g. he founded Northern Mindanao AIDS Advocates (NorMAA) to mainstream the issues of people living with HIV in Mindanao; and produced "Lima" and eventually "Red Lives" via community theater to share HIV-centric stories particularly to grassroots community. Pushing for fringe communities to no longer be excluded is what drives Stephen; and "if this can be done in a fun way, so much the better," he smiled.


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