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3 Most popular activities for boosting digital sociability

The digital age, despite its wonders, has formed a negative image for causing users to isolate themselves in their favorite virtual worlds. Another truth, however, is that digital technology has given us global connectivity, vast social spaces and diverse ways for users to inhabit them. Technology has brought people and services together, offering someone infinite opportunities to expand their knowledge, experiences and quality of life.


Here are a few examples of popular social activities the digital world is loved for.

Social Video Games

Gaming has definitely improved in leaps and bounds, increasing its range of genres and platforms. MMORPGs are the pinnacle of video game accomplishments, entire fantastical universes where players can charge into battle or sit in a tavern and chat with their friends, each using an avatar tailored to their personality and tastes. Special social features in massively popular titles like Guild Wars, War of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online include the forming of guilds, mentor/student systems for newbies to learn the ropes and even marriage that gives virtual couples unique buffs and abilities depending on the game.

Online Advisers

The internet is full of spaces for people to socialize about their passions and questions. Whether your interest is medical or academic, historical or astrological, there are reliable experts, forums and social media groups holding all the answers. Even online psychic readings are possible with trained practitioners. They don’t need to be in the same room as you to use their abilities of clairvoyance or precognition to pick up on problems and offer insightful solutions of emotional, psychological and professional benefit. The digital world is a network designed to entertain, but also to share information more easily than sifting through library books or waiting hours in line, often just to get a single, vague response.

Online Causes


As already mentioned, the limitations of the physical world in terms of response and visibility can be a problem, especially if you have a cause to fight for. That is something digital technology has remedied by giving people the power to express themselves through several mediums – written, visual, audio and more. A particular trend today are petitions. In addition to serious campaigns from LGBQT to ecological importance, you will come across some hilarious ones, such as a 2013 petition signed by over 25,000 people for the US administration to build a Death Star. Changing the endings of Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame have also been demanded by disappointed fans. The internet has become a highly creative and interactive avenue for users to share and support causes they care about.

Even though it’s easy to forget to leave the house when having fun online, the virtual world is a social environment in itself. There is no limit to the variety of people you can communicate with or what can be achieved when like-minded users from every corner of the world band together to share knowledge and support a cause. Taking regular breaks from your digital screens is a good idea, but the connective power of the internet should not be underestimated.

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