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4 Amazing Places to Explore by Bike

Sometimes, an alternative way for moving around arises, merging our need for autonomy with the one of speed and relax, adding at the same time a pinch of adventure, fun, and emotions.

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Visiting a place for a few days and permanently moving to a completely new and strange place, have one common denominator; the urge of exploring.  In one hand there is the zero-cost option of walking around, providing as well complete freedom and schedule adjustability, and on the other the fast public transportation that also gives us the opportunity of reaching further point of interest, coming although with the relevant fee.

Sometimes, an alternative way for moving around arises, merging our need for autonomy with the one of speed and relax, adding at the same time a pinch of adventure, fun, and emotions.

 Therefore, you can go for renting some electric scooter, or even better plan travel to a destination known for its privilege to be explored by bike. While scooters’ specifications have mostly to do with the maximum weight allowed, this is not the case for bikes. Every rider comes with different needs and preferences which if taken into consideration can lead to higher performance and efficiency, leading to a more enjoyable overall riding experience. Thus, we suggest keeping in mind that Fidusa is specialized in making custom bikes, a choice that will highly reward you in any case, though even more if you have a biking tour upon your schedule.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It would be hard to exclude Amsterdam from any list dedicated to amazing places to explore by bike, as the Dutch flat terrain makes it ideal for such an activity, as well as other cities like Utrecht, Groningen and Nijmegen. When 60% of all trips of the city are accounted by bike it’s easy to conclude the existence of an extensive network of bike lanes and dedicated bike paths, that reassure convenience and safety. Historic buildings and landmarks flanked by charming canals and endless parks all hosted in vibrant neighborhoods to navigate on two wheels.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Right after Amsterdam, Copenhagen is also a very widely known bike-friendly city, again due to its mostly flat terrain. Besides the high-level infrastructures that allow bike transportation, there are also some “special treats”, meaning beautiful bridges only accessible for bikers, such as Cykelslangen. Discover the most famous landmarks of the Danish capital, as the Little Mermaid, the Nyhavn waterfront and the Black Diamond Library, and if you are brave enough you can also choose to bike to reach the significant Louisiana museum.

3. Tuscany, Italy

Among the several historically rich regions and stunning landscapes the Italian country offers to its habitants and visitors, Tuscany out stands.
 Easy going roads get tangled with demanding step hills, connecting charming medieval towns and villages as Siena, San Gimigniano and Lucca.
 There is no better way to feel like acting in a romance movie, than cycling through the beautiful countryside, full of picturesque vineyards, making brief spots to enjoy some local treats and delicious wine.

4. Kyoto, Japan

For our last destination, we consider it obligatory to cross the European boarders.
 Travelling to the other side of the Earth, where the lifestyle is completely different, and the scenery is nothing similar to the West or Mediterranean ones, we land in Japan. While visiting consists on its own a life-time experience and one should take advantage of this opportunity at its maximum and visit as many places as possible, Kyoto is a must-see. The contemplation among the historic attractions and neighbors demands passing through narrow streets and alleyways inaccessible by car, indicate the ideal usage of a bike, whilst the well-developed network of bike lanes and paths, guarantee your security. 

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