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4 Ideals guns for home defense

Choosing used guns for sale can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are a lot of options, and each of them has its potency and uses it in a specific situation.

Enrolling in basic self-defense courses or martial arts courses is an excellent thing to do when you want to defend yourself anywhere and anytime with just your bare hands. But for some of us, doing such things can take a lot of time and not to mention, will require a lot of effort because of the constant practice and training.

What can be an alternative, then? 

Weapons, of course. Some people buy bludgeoning objects that can harm the attacker physically, although most of the time, they are non-fatal. However, most people nowadays opt for guns for self-defense, although it can be an extremely overcautious thing to do as there are other ways to subdue an attacker other than harming them gravely.

Still, it doesn’t stop people from buying firearms for safety. If you are one of these people, there are a lot of guns to choose from in terms of home safety, and here are some of them.

Mossberg 500/590

If you ask people who bought guns for home safety reasons, you can see that a lot of them have the Mossberg 500/590. The 12 gauge pump action shotgun is one of the most popular guns around, in terms of home safety (of course, if you don’t need that much firepower in your shotgun, 410 ammo might be something you want to consider).

Not only it has significant stopping power in close quarters, but you could also load them with slugs or buckshot. Not to mention that hearing the pump racking alone can stop anyone in their tracks.

Also, probably the most beneficial thing that Mossberg offers is that their shells are quite inexpensive. This means that if you want to practice handling the gun in the firing range, you can do so without spending a lot of money.

If you are someone who is not adept with guns or has never handled one before and is worrying about the recoil, 20 gauge pump shotguns can be right for you. Not only does it have a small size, but it also has less recoil and still has significant stopping power.

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Beretta M9

If you are thinking of buying a handgun, then there is nothing better than Beretta M9 in terms of home defense. It is an excellent handgun for a variety of purposes, and not to mention that the United States Armed Forces selected this gun for their personnel. Take note that they don’t pick any weapon for no reason.

If that’s not enough for you, take a look at its features. It offers a 3-dot unique sight system for you to acquire your targets quickly. It is easy to carry as it does not have much weight by only weighing around 33.3 ounces. If you are concerned about the reload time, the internal magazine bevel is designed just for that.

This gun is highly accurate and features a reversible magazine to be compatible with either left or right-handed shooters. Also, it is sweat-resistant, which is useful for you to handle the grip tightly.

Probably the only downside of this gun is its decock lever. For you to switch the safety off, you need to grip the gun with both hands for you to push the lever. In critical situations, this is highly disadvantageous because it is time-consuming in a scenario where time is limited. Other than that, the Beretta M9 is a good gun in terms of home defense.

Ruger SP101

If you want to have a gun that has significant stopping power, albeit having a small size, take a look at Ruger SP101. If you aren’t concerned about the gun’s portability, a firearm that does not use a hammer is an excellent choice for you if you don’t like using the hammer or of jam clearing.


Sometimes, intruders don’t come in ones or twos. They also come in groups. If you are facing a situation where a group of intruders is breaking in, you don’t want a shotgun or a handgun but an assault rifle. 

While they may have excellent stopping power, shotguns can only dispense a buckshot or two before getting overwhelmed. Handguns, on the other hand, can be a good alternative, but you might be outnumbered when the intruders are also armed.

A carbine like the AR-15 has the range, ammo capacity, and rate of fire to deal with this kind of situation. There are also other semi-automatic carbines out there in the market, such as AK-47Ss, IWI Tavor, and Ruger Mini-14s. But with AR-15s, most of its parts are accessible and common, so they can be more affordable if you are looking to save more money. 


Choosing used guns for sale can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know what you are looking for. There are a lot of options, and each of them has its potency and uses it in a specific situation. However, you can always ask the one in-charge if you need the assistance of any kind.

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