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5 Places you should visit in 2018

The world is full of many wonders, and when you’re deciding where to travel to next it can be hard to choose where exactly to go. But for 2018, let’s start with these five.


The world is full of many wonders, and when you’re deciding where to travel to next it can be hard to choose where exactly to go. There simply isn’t enough time to list everywhere and everything that you should see, but in this article is going to be five places that you should visit in 2018 and hopefully, it will help you make your decision on where to travel to this year.

So, pack your bags and let’s go.

New York City

If you’ve never been to the city that never sleeps, now is as good of a time as any to take the leap and visit this wonderful city. One thing that you can guarantee when you’re in New York City is that you will never find yourself bored or wondering what to do next. In fact, you will wish that you’re spending more time there as you can’t fit everything in that you want to do! Experience the nightlife that never dies down, the wonders of central park, and also the chance to see many places that you’ve seen on TV or in film.


Sydney is the capital of Australia and has so many things to offer an excited traveller. If the weather alone isn’t enough to get your jetting off to Sydney, have a look at these things to do in Sydney. One thing’s for sure, you will need plenty of suntan lotion and a good few pairs of shorts. Also, while you’re there you’d be mad to miss out on having a BBQ on the beach.


If you’re into sightseeing a more historic part of the world, then Rome is definitely a place to consider visiting this year. The cuisine, the artwork, and the general history of the place is enough to entertain even the most picky of people. You can look forward to seeing the Roman ruins from many years ago, where gladiators used to battle.


London is without a doubt somewhere that people should visit at least once in their lives. It’s home to the Big Ben, the London eye, and of course, Queen Elizabeth II. Take a trip to London to experience the lifestyle and charming accent. Be sure to take plenty of warm clothing, as the weather in Britain is very unpredictable.


If you’re looking to travel somewhere that’s a bit more quaint, Sofia in Bulgaria is the place for you to visit. A city that’s only more recently coming into itself, you can expect exquisite produce and service for a fraction of the price that you’re used to! Lined with gorgeous beaches and incredible weather, it’s the perfect place to visit this year!

Consider these five destinations when deciding where to travel this year and you will find the perfect place for you. Just remember to enjoy yourself wherever you go, and live the culture of each different place for the best experience.

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