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5 Reasons to visit Maryland

Maryland may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to east coast states in the US, but it still has its fair share of attractions that make it a place worth visiting.


Maryland may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to east coast states (it’s hard to compete with the likes of New York and Virginia), but it still has its fair share of attractions that make it a place worth visiting.

Here are just five reasons to take a trip to Maryland.

See the sights in Baltimore

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. Unlike many other large east coast cities, Baltimore has a more offbeat feel. There’s a lot of history and there are plenty of museums and old monuments worth seeing including the Washington Monument and Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. Other Baltimore attractions include the National Aquarium and Horseshoe Casino. You’ll also find Edgar Allan Poe’s grave here.

Go sailing in Annapolis

Annapolis is the sailing capital of the US – if you’re going to try your hand at sailing, this is the place to do it. There are plenty of schools here and an annual yacht show. On top of sailing, Annapolis offer various other attractions including Maryland State House and the National Cemetery. Annapolis is also a stone’s throw from Washington DC and could be worth combining into a trip.

Visit the historic Ellicott City

Founded in 1772, the historic town of Ellicott City can be found just outside Baltimore. The preserved period architecture can make a trip to Ellicott City feel like a step back in time. Some of the best attractions here include the ghost tours (it’s a popular sight for hauntings) and the Forget-Me-Not Factory, which is a three store toy factory in one of the town’s oldest buildings. The town also has some great restaurants worth visiting if you fancy a spot of fine dining.

Explore Goddard Space Flight Centre

Goddard Space Flight Centre is a major NASA research laboratory. If you love space, it could be worth taking a visit here, where you’ll find a visitor centre for learning all about the cosmos. It may not be as large and popular as Houston or Kennedy Space Centre, but it’s still an exciting place for learning about the research side of space exploration and the smaller crowds can make it more fun if you’re visiting during the holidays.  

Have an outdoor adventure at Deep Creek Lake

Maryland also has countless natural outdoor attractions to choose from. You can hike through the Appalachian Mountains or stare out across Chesapeake Bay. However, by far one of the most scenic and popular outdoor attractions is Deep Creek Lake where you’ll find a bit of everything from mountains to rivers. Deep Creek Lake is also great for outdoor activities – in the winter you can go skiing and snowboarding here, whilst the summer offer the chance to go cycling or hiking. It’s also a popular fishing hotspot due to it’s peaceful scenery and plentiful supply of fish.


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