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5 Reasons you should be buying high-quality sex toys

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t settle for the mediocre sex toys of yesteryear and instead invest in some high-end sex toys.

The first sex toy was made 28,000 years ago. Know what it was? A penis-shaped rock. Listen, as a species, we have made some real advancements in the last 28,000 years. In the world of modern, high-quality sex toys, there are many more options out there that are some real investments in pleasure.

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t settle for the mediocre sex toys of yesteryear and instead invest in some high-end sex toys.

1.   They’re Safer.

Great news! Because sex toys are no longer just made from stone (though some are- we can get to that later), they’re actually much safer too. The biggest shift that makes them safer? Newer and more innovative materials.

High-quality sex toys can come in a variety of materials, and more continue to be developed every day. But almost across the board, you end up paying more for a slightly safer product because they’re non-porous. Porous materials can retain bacteria from use to use because of their difficulty to clean. Their non-porous high-quality sex toy counterparts don’t have this issue. A majority of the less expensive lower quality sex toys are made of porous materials that break down over time.

So what could happen when you don’t invest in the quality materials of high-quality sex toys? Well… it can be really unsafe. Some cheaper sex toys use materials like TPR and PVC that have since been shown to leach phthalates which have some curious linkage to autoimmune and other chronic conditions.

Save yourself the stress. Sex should be fun and exciting, not a horror story of toxic chemicals. By investing in high-quality sex toys made with materials like silicone, glass, sealed stone, or ABS plastic, you can let go and have fun without the safety concerns.

2.   There’s a Greater Variety of Sensations.

Another perk of high-quality sex toys? They have a wider variety of sensations available. The cheaper varieties you’ll find are in about two standard models. “Buzz” heavy vibrators and phallic insertables have dominated the lower-end sex toy market for years. And sure, while these are effective in getting the job done, they aren’t the only way you can do it these days, and they certainly aren’t the best sex toys out there.

High-end sex toys offer so many more sensations. From sucking to flicking to pulsating, the options are seemingly limitless and getting more surprising day by day. They actually mimic more of the real human sexual experience. In fact, some of the best sex toys actually integrate more than one sensation at the same time- just like an immersive sexual experience. Dual-sensation for the win!

Human bodies are complex, and when you put some money into your sex toys, you can get the tools to pleasure every nook and cranny possible. That means that investing in high-quality sex toys simply makes it easier and more fun to find pleasure.

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3.   They’re Works of Art.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why does it matter if sex toys are beautiful?” or “Who’s putting their sex toys on a shelf anyway?”- but here’s the thing, even if the beauty is just for you, it’s valuable.

Self-love and masturbation are deeply intimate experiences. They can even be deeply therapeutic and healing times to spend with your own body, rediscovering yourself. You’re letting your body be touched and loved, by you, in a space that feels safe for you.

Take this magical self-love symposium and slap a cheap 9.99 pink rubber dildo on it, and I can guarantee it’ll take some of the magic away. If we feel silly or uncomfortable with a cheap-looking butterfly going to town on our clit, that directly impacts our ability to let go and enjoy. When you have a product that is aesthetically stunning, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the underrated masturbatory sensations- sight. 

High-quality sex toys vary greatly, but you can find stunners in glass or metal that are so elegantly designed you’ll feel like royalty. In fact, some of the best sex toy companies out there hire designers for just this. The visual experience you have is directly related to the pleasure you also enjoy.

4.   They Last.

High-quality sex toys are dependable in two ways. One, they’ll last for years. Some of the best sex toys on the market even come with warranties. If you’re looking to feel good and guarantee that you can continue doing so for very long periods of time, you have to make an investment on the front end. There is a direct correlation between cost and the amount of time you’ll be able to use your favorite sex toy.

The other way they last are from use to use. The cheaper the sex toy, the more likely you’ll still be dependent on the recurring cost of batteries. Most of the high-quality sex toys out there also value efficiency when it comes to battery life. In fact, many are built with USB charging ports so that you’re never high and dry without a charge. If you don’t want to be stuck without a way to feel good, this is the only surefire way to do so without the ongoing investment and waste that comes from conventional batteries.

5.   They Assign Value to Self-Love.

Last on the list, but without a doubt, the most important- when you invest in your sex toys, you’re investing in yourself in a big way.

A fulfilling relationship with yourself sexually doesn’t come by accident. In fact, with the lack of sex education and the prevalence of sexual trauma in our world today, there is nothing “accidental” about the people who ultimately find healing with their bodies sexually. To find sexual healing, you have to work for it. 

One of the best ways to show up for yourself is by investing in the things that make you feel good. Anyone who’s invested in the “nice sheets” or the most comfortable and stylish tennis shoes knows the feeling of care that comes from investing in what makes you feel best. High-quality sex toys belong in that category.

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When you put your money where your mouth is, things have a way of showing up for you too. By investing in your sexual pleasure, you’ll simply have more sexual pleasure. It’s that simple. Every time you take out the toy that you know you put a pretty penny into, you’ll feel empowered and worthy of the care that your high-quality sex toy can provide. Value is a concept, not just an amount. You deserve to value your body and the way it feels.

So there you have it! 5 reasons why you need to be buying high-quality sex toys. While you may think that this is a place where you could save some money, I can’t recommend enough doing just the opposite and jumping into some of the best sex toys out there. The world of high-quality sex toys is vast, and there are tons of them available online. Take time to pursue the wide offerings to see the ways you can begin investing in your sexual pleasure.


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