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5 Tips on childproofing your home before your baby arrives

The good news is that there are many ways to childproof your home without it taking over your life. Whether you’re expecting or not, these tips will help prepare you for this exciting time of life.

Childproofing your home before the baby arrives can seem like a daunting task. Of course, you want to make sure that every room in the house is safe for your child, but you also want to keep things looking nice and tidy.

The good news is that there are many ways to childproof your home without it taking over your life. Whether you’re expecting or not, these tips will help prepare you for this exciting time of life.

#1 Cover all electrical outlets

The best way to do this is either with covers for the outlets or by removing them altogether. Either choice will help keep your curious baby safe from electrical dangers in their home. When you’re done, make sure every outlet has a cover before letting them near it! 

You can also use outlet stickers to mark off which ones are unusable if there isn’t room behind furniture on the wall where an outlet might be located. As long as you take precautions early on, these steps will not only protect your child but will prevent any accidents that may occur while moving heavy pieces of furniture around when remodeling.

#2 Invest in cabinet locks

As your child begins to crawl around the house, they will be drawn to any cabinet that has interesting objects inside. The last thing you want is for them to find medications or other items in cabinets over counters and sinks where they could hurt themselves if ingested. Unsecured cabinets are also a risk for curious toddlers who may decide it’s fun to climb up on kitchen counters! Investing in locks like these can help keep them out of places they shouldn’t go until such time as you deem appropriate (and by this, we mean never).

Don’t forget to secure cabinets in the bathroom where you store household cleaners and other items that could be dangerous if ingested or otherwise mishandled by an inquisitive tot. The last tip is to also protect drawers from curious hands with something like these drawer locks. Just place them at the top of each drawer for peace of mind while making sure things are tidy along the way! You can also look at cabinet locks when deciding on ideas for baby boy nursery, and you can plan the entire room out with safety in mind!

Once you get into childproofing mode, it can seem like there’s too much work ahead; remember, though, that any amount of preparation before the baby arrives will help make your life easier after they do arrive! Child safety should always come first when parents are expecting. With the right preparations, you can make your home safe for both baby and parents alike.

#3 Anchor the television to the wall

As your child gets older, they may become interested in television. This is why it’s important to create a safe environment by anchoring your TV set with these straps. This way, if they decide to pull themselves up and try to climb on top of it, the television will be held in place by these straps and not fall over onto them. This is an easy way to keep your little one safe from TV dangers.

If you’re expecting or already have a baby at home, make sure that any furniture with sharp corners (like coffee tables) is covered as well. These can also cause serious damage if left uncovered! If you don’t know how much this matters because there isn’t yet a child running around your house – wait until someone tries testing out their crawling skills on those edges! It won’t end well for anyone involved unless precautions like these are taken beforehand.

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#4 Install baby gates at stairs

The best way to keep your baby safe from falling down the stairs is by installing baby gates at the top and bottom of each staircase in your house. These are easy, relatively inexpensive safety precautions that can help reduce risks for accidents while you’re busy doing other things around the home! Consider investing in a pressure mount gate with ease of use in mind before it comes time to open and close them on a daily basis.

#5 Hide or tuck away any cords

As your child begins to get mobile, they will be drawn to any and all cords. They may find it interesting for a time, but after the novelty wears off (usually when their fingers are stuck in them!), that cord can pose serious hazards if not kept out of reach! Tuck away unused cords behind furniture or use something like these cord shorteners, so there’s no tripping hazard while the baby is toddling around the house.

All parents want what’s best for their children; unfortunately, accidents do happen even with precautions taken beforehand! Taking the above measures before your little one arrives will help keep everyone happy and healthy once they arrive in your home.


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