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5 Types of Steel Bracing Systems That You Must Know

Before getting started on your project, this article will guide you to know about a building frame and various available bracing systems. Keep reading to know about them and how each works.

Today, pre-engineered steel buildings are all the rage in the manufacturing, residential, and industrial sectors. They’re highly durable, affordable, and come in various styles. But while they might be a good choice for your next building project, you’ll still want to ensure that it is correctly designed to stand up against any forces that might try to knock it down.

Before getting started on your project, this article will guide you to know about a building frame and various available bracing systems. Keep reading to know about them and how each works.

1. X-Bracing

X-bracing or rod bracing is one of the most common and traditional types of bracing systems used to build prefabricated structures. It’s used in buildings with more than two bays, which means that the building has four or more walls.

A diagonal bracing system runs parallel to a barn or sheds long sides (the gable walls). X-brace can be installed on either side or only on one side of a structure.

2. Diagonal Bracing

Diagonal bracing is used to brace the corners of a building, and bracing is used to prevent buckling, which occurs when significant forces are acting on a structure. Diagonal bracing can be used together with other types of bracing for simple and complex systems.

3. Vertical Bracing

Vertical bracing is a steel building frame that helps support the connections between columns and beams. Vertical bracing is typically used in conjunction with other types of steel frame bracing, such as X-bracing and diagonal bracing, to strengthen the connection between the columns and beams.

Vertical braces can be made from many materials, including steel, wood, or concrete. These materials are used by engineers to decide which material will work best for each project, depending on its purpose.

4. Chord Bracing

Chord bracing is a type of bracing system used in steel buildings. It is used to brace the chords of the building frame, providing longitudinal and transverse support to the overall structure.

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Chord bracing can be made from many different types of material, including metal and wood. For example, an I-beam might be used as chord bracing in installation so that its flanges are perpendicular to the ribs or columns with which they connect.

Chord braces come in many shapes and sizes but are generally flat pieces made from materials like steel. They’re typically connected directly or indirectly to other components within a given building (such as beams) by being bolted down at intervals along their length; this allows them to provide horizontal support throughout an entire level or portion thereof.

5. Knee Bracing

Knee bracing is the most common system used in roof trusses. It strengthens the building’s frame and provides extra support for large openings or shallow pitches.

Knee bracing systems are also commonly used on buildings with a short wall height because they increase stability when there isn’t enough material to properly support a beam span or rafter run.


Hopefully, now you know the different types of steel bracing systems, it’s time to start designing your building. However, contact an expert professional that will guide you to determine what type is best suited for your needs and in which locations they should be installed in your building.

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