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54% enjoy alcohol-free dates more than they like dates with drinking – survey

54% reported that they have more fun on alcohol-free dates than they do on dates involving drinking. But 60% of singles prefer to go on sober dates simply because it makes dating more affordable. 

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Say goodbye to alcohol when dating? – part of Dating Group, the company behind over 40 online dating sites – has revealed survey data that sheds light on the growing number of singles interested in “dry dating,” or sober dating without alcohol consumption. The survey found that54% of respondents enjoy alcohol-free dates more than they like dates that involve drinking.

Other key survey findings include:

  • 60% of singles would prefer to go on sober dates simply because ordering less alcohol makes dating more affordable. 
  • 76% of respondents reported that they have gone on an alcohol-free date within the past six months.
  • 63% of those surveyed reported that they would be more intrigued by a potential partner if they chose to abstain from alcohol on the first date.
  • 54% reported that they have more fun on alcohol-free dates than they do on dates involving drinking.
  • 29% of respondents have found that they don’t need to drink to alleviate the pre-date jitters. 40% don’t need to drink to be physically intimate or to “get in the mood.”
    • Of those 40%, 93% reported that they prefer physical intimacy without the involvement of alcohol. 
  • Of those who have not partaken in sober dating, 84% reported that they identify as “sober curious” and are interested in trying it.
  • 43% of singles mentioned they’ve opted for sober first dates after realizing they didn’t actually get to know their previous matches at all due to boozy first meetups.
  • 32% of daters have been on a date with a potential partner who started hitting on another single at the bar after one too many drinks.
  • 61% of respondents believe that they haven’t gotten a second date because they overindulged at the bar and overshared during the first meetup.
  • 84% of those surveyed have noted that they’ve said something they regretted on a first date, thanks to liquid courage.’s guide to sober dating includes:

Identify your interests.

Dry dating opens up the possibility for unique experiences for first dates, aside from the classic meetup at a restaurant or bar. If you’re interested in giving dry dating a try, take the time to think about what kinds of activities you’re really interested in, and offer those as potential first dates when meeting a new person. You can even list these hobbies on your profile to find like-minded singles. These can include activities such as yoga, walking your dogs, hiking, going dancing, going to a basketball game – , or you can even try something totally new that you’ve been interested in checking out and possibly find a new hobby you enjoy. 

Let your personality shine. 

Many people feel as though alcohol gives them the ability to be more social and outgoing, erasing the jitters often associated with a first date. Instead of using alcohol as a way to calm your nerves, go into the situation without overthinking your behavior. Know that your personality will shine, with or without liquid courage. 

Be honest with your date. 

If you feel strongly about completely eliminating alcohol from the date, make sure the other person is aware and comfortable with it too. While not everyone will agree or want to abstain from drinking,  setting the expectation will help you find other   matches that are looking for connections that go beyond  the surface or physical levels.

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