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6 Ways to spice up your next date night

To take your love life up a notch, you might want to do those things that inflame the sparks of passion. 

Do your date nights need a little extra seasoning? By which we mean, do you need to spice them up to ignite fresh sparks between you and your beloved?

Answer ‘yes’ if your date nights have become a little dull recently. To take your love life up a notch, you might want to do those things that inflame the sparks of passion. 


Here are some ideas we hope you find useful. 

#1: Get a room

Do you remember those nights of forbidden passion you had when you were younger? You may have booked hotel rooms to rendezvous with your lover; those sneaky getaways where nobody else could find you. Why not do the same again? Those feelings of youthful excitement might return if you can book a room for yourself and your partner. You will both know that you are heading to the hotel for a night of unbridled passion, without the worry of your next-door neighbors listening in on what you are up to! Be sure to pack your sexiest outfits and lingerie too, especially those items of clothing that make your partner go wild with passion. 

#2: Prepare an aphrodisiac meal

If you’re preparing a romantic meal for two at home, focus on those foods that will get you in the mood for love-making. Oysters, honey, and strawberries are just a few of the aphrodisiac foods that will increase your libido but check out the link for more before you visit the supermarket. Remember too that, according to Shakespeare at least, music is also the food of love. So, put on some romantic music in the background while you’re eating your meal and light a few scented candles too. This way, you will create a sensory experience that could get both of you in the mood for a night of passionate lovemaking. 

#3: Watch a sexy movie

If there is a sexy movie showing at your local theater, book your tickets for date night! Alternatively, renew your subscription to Netflix and enjoy a sexy movie from your very own sofa. These are some of the sexiest movies on Netflix at the moment, according to the article’s author at least. And there are bound to be more, so search according to the sexual preferences of you and your partner. 

#4: Do something different in the bedroom

Spice up things in the bedroom with sexual positions you have never tried before or try a bit of role-play. You could also incorporate sex toys into your lovemaking, but check out our article on the dos and don’ts of sex toys first. Of course, whatever you do, you need to make sure that both you and your partner are into it. So, while it is okay to surprise them occasionally, don’t risk anything that could turn them off or offend them. Have a discussion about one another’s limits at some point before your next date night and then work around each other’s needs and ideas. 

#5: Spend the evening dancing

Bumping and grinding on the dance floor is one way to immerse yourself in one another! So, look for any nightclubs in your local area and head along to those that you think you will both enjoy. Remember to get dolled up before you go out though, with the sexiest outfit that you can find in your wardrobe. Remember too that you should only have eyes for your partner. So, fend off any other admirers when you’re on the dance floor to let your loved one know that they are the only one you are into.

#6: Reminisce 

Relationships are always exciting at first, sexually and otherwise, but as time goes on, things can plateau out. You can get too used to one another, and the sparks of passion that used to exist may eventually fizzle out. This is why it’s good to reminisce about the past as it can stir up memories of what life used to be like before routine patterns set in. Admittedly, this might sound depressing but it’s not meant to be. Especially if you can reminisce at places where you hung out when you first met, you might remind each other of the intimate moments you once shared.

 So, spend time at a place that is meaningful to you both, or sit at home with the photographs that can stir up memories. Think back on these times to stir up the passionate feelings that you once had for one another and get in the mood for a night of sexy lovemaking. 

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Date nights aren’t meant to be boring. They are supposed to ignite feelings of passion and strengthen relationships. So, do what you can to spice up your next date night, and form that loving and sensual connection with your partner. 

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