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7 Tips to simplify your self care routine

Maintaining self-care routines can be challenging if you don’t approach them correctly. Simplifying your routine could be the answer, so here is some advice to achieve that.

Whether taking care of your skin at any age or looking out for number one, self-care has become a pillar of many people’s lives. Some will even dedicate entire days to recharging and looking after themselves to prepare for the week ahead.

But, maintaining self-care routines can be challenging if you don’t approach them correctly. Furthermore, life often gets in the way, which makes things even trickier, and you might feel that you’re making zero progress. You still feel and look the same as you did when you started, and you ask yourself what’s the point? Simplifying your routine could be the answer, so here is some advice to achieve that.

The Importance Of Self-Care

Improves Your Health

Establishing an excellent self-care routine can do wonders for your health and well-being. People often focus on just a few factors, such as healthy eating or exercise, but these are not the only types of self-care that will benefit you. Like many things in life, you need to find the optimal balance in everything you do, and if you get it right you’ll see the results you crave.

Stress Relief

Looking after number one can help relieve stress and reduce anxiety. It is impossible to focus on everything but yourself all the time because you’ll eventually burn out because you haven’t put your needs first. Additionally, self-care gives you the chance to unwind, whether after a long day or a hectic week at work. You know what works best for you, so embrace it when you feel overwhelmed.

Boost Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem could be at an all-time low for whatever reason. Perhaps you feel you’ve stagnated at work, or another relationship has fallen apart through no fault of your own. Self-care allows you to take a step back and rejuvenate how you feel. Because you can focus on yourself and only yourself, you can become the person you want to be without worrying about what anyone else says.

Strengthen Your Relationships

While self-care is primarily about you, it can also improve your relationships with those you’re closest to and even you stumble across walking down the street or at the store. You’ve heard you need to love yourself before loving others, so self-care will help you accept yourself and become the person that others will love too. You don’t want to lumber everyone else with significant emotional baggage, so focus on improving how you feel about yourself and focus on being the best friend and partner you can be for others.

How to Simplify Your Self-Care Routine

Be Consistent

It doesn’t matter if it’s skincare, exercise, healthy eating, or all of the above. Consistency is the key to a simplified self-care routine. Although it can be tricky to get self-care right the first time, doing it enough times will eventually become second nature to you.

Once your routine becomes a habit, you won’t be able to go a day without ensuring you have ticked off at least one of your self-care needs. As you do it more frequently, you can also find techniques that make things more efficient or even combine ideas, such as pampering yourself while relaxing on the sofa so you don’t feel you’re just sitting around doing nothing.

Get Long-Lasting Treatment

Some self-care demands require regular treatment you simply don’t have time to squeeze in every week. So, what if you could get long-lasting treatment for trickier and more intensive approaches?

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You can explore unlimited laser hair removal, so you don’t need to have your legs or pluck your eyebrows every week. Not only will this save you plenty of time, but it will also boost your confidence and ensure you’re always ready to go out without worrying about prickly legs or a unibrow that you wish you could fix.

Find Products That Work For You

Many people struggle with self-care routines because they assume that one product works for everyone. Although there are some universal products that most people can use, this is rarely the case and you might not get the results you want because you’re using products that aren’t suitable for your skin or hair.

Finding the right products takes trial and error, but once you find them, you’ll shave so much time from your routine that it will feel a breeze, and you’ll realize how easy self-care can be.


Similarly, serums can help you achieve your skincare and hair care goals. It might seem like you’re adding another step, but this step will benefit you in the long run.

The serum you use depends on your goals. Some people use it to reduce wrinkles whereas others prefer to use the serum to tackle dark or light spots on the skin. You may benefit from speaking to a dermatologist about what serum works best to ensure you pick the most suitable product.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Protecting your skin sounds like a broken record at this point. Everyone is aware of the damage the sun can do to you, so if you want to avoid significant conditions and health issues later in life, protect yourself from the sun whenever you leave the house.

Find products with an SPF rating of at least 30 and apply them if you’re going to spend time in the sun. It doesn’t matter if the sky is overcast because UV rays still penetrate the clouds and affect you. You should also stay hydrated in hot weather to prevent overheating. Finally, many products combine moisturizer with sun protection, meaning you can tick off two needs with one application.

Put Yourself First More Often (and Don’t Feel Guilty About It)

If you feel like you never have time for yourself, now is the time to change that. You may have plenty of responsibilities, whether it’s your partner, kids, or your job, but you will never be able to give these responsibilities your best if you don’t put yourself first more often.

Of course, there’s a danger of veering too far in the other direction. There’s a difference between self-care and selfishness, so don’t ignore your duties entirely. However, don’t feel guilty about looking after yourself. If you need to take an afternoon to recharge in the bath, do it. If you want to go to the gym to improve your physique and boost your mental health, do it. Looking after yourself will boost your self-esteem and means you can be who you must be to everyone else, too.

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Find A Hobby You Love

Many people spend all their free time scrolling through their phones or watching TV. there’s nothing wrong with that, but it isn’t the most beneficial way to spend your time. Instead, spending time doing something you love can help you relax, so find a hobby that you enjoy.

There are plenty of benefits to taking up a new hobby. For one, you aren’t on your phone all the time. You can also learn a new skill and boost your confidence. It also helps you meet new people, expand your social circle and introduce yourself to new ideas and situations or scenarios you’d never encounter stuck inside. While it’s scary to put yourself out there it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.


It seems obvious that the solution to all your self-care woes is simplifying it. After all, there’s no point in making things more complicated if you aren’t getting the results you want already. These tips should help you find a better balance and center your focus to transform your self-care routine for the better.

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