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8 Things to do in Boracay (aside from just going swimming or partying)

Here are – at least – eight things you can do when in Boracay (aside from just going swimming to savor the “paradise-ness” of the place, or partying when the sun sets).

Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan has long been considered a tropical paradise. And rightly so, with its (start the clichés associated with being a tropical paradise) blue waters mirroring the sky, sugar-fine white sand, et cetera… After all, when in this place identified by so many international bodies as a must-visit (particularly in Southeast Asia, if not the whole world), you are certain to be at a loss for word to describe how beauteous a place can be.

Add to this the “conversion” mostly of White Beach as a party scene, with so many flocking particularly at specific dates when the island becomes a party haven (e.g. LaBoracay during Labor Day), and you have a place that is certain to guarantee fun in and out of the waters…

Due to the emphasis on these, though – i.e. Boracay being a tropical paradise, and being a party place – so many of the other activities that can be had there can be missed. And I tell you, there are more than can be counted.

Here are – at least – eight things you can do when in Boracay (aside from just going swimming to savor the “paradise-ness” of the place, or partying when the sun sets):

  1. Paraw sailing

For those familiar with how the beach area of White Beach has evolved in the last, say, 20 years, I’m sure you can still recall when the bangka (dinghies) were allowed to “park” right in front of White Beach (for loading and unloading of passengers/tourists). But when the wharf was moved elsewhere, this was barred.

But nowadays, particularly just before sunset, water vehicles abound by the beach (again), this time for tourists who want to be on the waters to watch, say, the sunset. As it affords unobstructed views of the same, this one’s worth experiencing.

Note that rates vary; so learn to haggle.

  1. Drive AVT

Boracay is a beach, right? Yes… and no. Inland, there’s a world worth discovering; and one of the best ways to do this is by driving all terrain vehicles (ATV). Pay a fee of P600 to drive the ATV for approximately two hours (the fee includes entrances to the Aviary and Ocean Tower). Can’t drive? Don’t worry; you’ll be briefed on how to do this (and no license is required).

  1. Segway

Head to Fairways & Bluewater, a 150-hectare property occupying 10% of the whole island of Boracay, to experience what was once considered as the “alternative mode of transportation of the future” (that scooter-like equipment from “Mall Cop”). A total of six (6) Segway machines are inside Fairways & Bluewater. The Segway Track measures 20 meters by 15 meters, so you have plenty of space to discover – and to see for yourself that, yes, there’s more to Boracay than just its waters.



  1. Horseback riding

At Fairways & Bluewater, the horseback riding trail goes all the way from the Family Clubhouse to the Back 9 of the golf course – in total lasting for an hour or so. We’ve all seen horses running by the beach (e.g. Remember the “Huntsman”? Or even “Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa”? Or even the White Castle Whiskey ads?), and know how beautiful – if not poetic – this can be. Here’s a chance to experience that.

There are seven horses available for horseback riding activities. With this number, there are enough horses to take families or couples in pre-determined horseback riding paths around the resort.

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  1. Try the zip line

Still inside Fairways & Bluewater is a zip line that measures 620 meters long. So for those who want a bird’s eye view of parts of the island, this is a chance to do this.

Outsiders can book any of the activities inside the resort through Fairways & Bluewater’s Guest Services Department.

  1. Helmet diving

Turning into a mermaid (by renting those “tails”) is already a known activity in Boracay. But here’s another chance to be one of the seas creatures (not just be one with them): helmet diving. For P500, you can dress to mimic someone from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, walk underwater, feed the fish, et cetera.

  1. Jet ski

This is one of the costlier activities, with fees starting at P1,000 for (only) 15 minutes. But if you’ve ever seen a James Bond movie, and have ever wanted to know how it feels like to “drive” on water, this is your chance to do so.

  1. Parasailing

Yet another costly activity in Boracay (around P1,800 to P2,500 for 15 minutes), this is – nonetheless – an activity that is worth considering, particularly by couples (or even close friends). After all, just how many times can one get off the land (the Wright brothers would be so proud!); and be able to take selfies doing so?

See, Boracay may be well known now for its waters that never fail to lure; or even for its wild, wild parties that people flock to particularly on specific seasons. But truly, when there, you don’t even have to look hard to see the numerous other activities that can be enjoyed and by themselves could be the very reasons to visit the island.

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