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A complete guide to start a small water bottle business

Here’s a quick start guide to starting your own small water bottle business.

Small water bottles not only provide convenience for the person drinking the water, but they also reduce waste generated by disposable water bottles or cups. Starting a small water bottle business allows you to create a personalized product for profit while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

If you primarily operate on the Internet, you can avoid the costs of acquiring real estate for a store, increasing your chances of success.

Here’s a quick start guide to starting your own small water bottle business:

  1. Create a Business Plan

Create a comprehensive business plan that includes the mission of your small water bottle business, a description of your target customer, the state of the market, how you intend to enter the market (marketing plan), the estimated budget for your business, and the goals you want to achieve in the first year or two of operations.

It is necessary to conduct research for the business plan. You should investigate the water bottle companies that operate in your area as well as nationally. Identify unsatisfied consumer needs that your company can meet.

For example, if there are only a few small water bottle companies that make their bottles from fully bio-degradable corn, you could use that opening to introduce your company. The business plan not only keeps you on track with the opening of your company but also shows investors that you have a well-thought-out operation that is worth their money.

  1. Business Name & License

In order to operate your small water bottle business, you must first obtain a fictitious business name and, if necessary, a business license from your state. A fictitious business name is a name that people use instead of their own to run a business.

To legally operate in the state, a business license may be required. For specific license and tax requirements, contact the Attorney General’s office, the Secretary of State’s office, or your state’s small business bureau. In order to pay employees and file taxes, you must also obtain an Employer Identification Number from the IRS. The EIN is free, and you can apply for it online.

  1. Search for Investors

Look for local investors who will support your small water bottle business. Start-up capital for bottle design, a website, and bottle supplier partnerships can be obtained from venture capitalists, angel investors, and bank business loans.

The Small Business Administration can connect you with investors in your state. Outline your approach to starting and running the business in your business plan.

  1. Designing Work

Create the logo and graphics for your small water bottles on your own or with the assistance of an artist. Look for inspiration in the art that you like or in shapes and colors that you like.

Draw a rough sketch of what you want and, if necessary, approach art schools or post a request in a classified listing for an artist who can bring your rough sketch to life.

Negotiate payment and the release of rights to the artwork from the person who completes the drawing. Request that the artist signs a document transferring ownership of the drawing to you.

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  1. Find the Right Bottle Company

Choose a bottle company that produces bottles that meet your specifications, either online or locally. Online bottle retailers provide descriptions and specifications for their products. This includes the cost of purchasing and shipping the items.

Bottle companies typically sell their products, such as gatorade bottles bulk, for wholesale prices. Especially, if you apply for a business account. All you need to do is provide your business name and tax information for verification purposes. 

  1. Choose a Printing Company

Choose a printing company that can accurately print your bottle design using the colors and lines you’ve created. The print company will require your bottles to be delivered to their location in order to print the design.

Send one bottle for sample printing to ensure high-quality printing. Request pricing from the company and negotiate volume discounts. If at all possible, inquire whether your bottle supplier can ship bottles directly to the printer.

  1. Hire a Web Designer

Work with a web designer or create a simple website to highlight your bottles and their mission. For instance, if you donate a certain percentage of your sales to charity, make that clear on your website.

To securely handle online transactions, your website requires a shopping cart. For shoppers, each item should have a picture, description, and price. A simple website can be designed for a few hundred dollars by a web developer.

  1. Set Up Business Accounting

It is critical to record your various expenses and income sources to understand the company’s financial performance. Keeping accurate and detailed accounts also makes annual tax filing much easier.

  1. Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card

Personal asset protection requires the use of dedicated business banking and credit accounts.

When you mix your personal and business accounts, your personal assets (your home, car, and other valuables) are at risk if your company is sued. As per the experts, this is known as piercing your corporate veil in terms of business law.

Furthermore, learning how to build business credit can help you obtain credit cards and other financings in your company’s name (rather than your own), better interest rates, larger lines of credit, and other benefits.

  1. Set the Price

The price of bottled water is exorbitant. If you sell to supermarkets, you might be able to charge $1 to $2 per bottle or a flat rate per truckload or pallet. Most businesses arrange for regular shipments in order to establish themselves as “anchor customers.” 

You may or may not sell your products at a lower price to obtain these deals, but your revenue will generally increase as a result.


We hope this guide serves as an ideal starting point you were seeking to start the water bottle business. Make sure you read all the steps thoroughly and follow them in the same sequence. In this way, you will be able to achieve success in a stepwise manner. 
If your business plan includes recycling old water bottles as well, don’t forget to check out Guyabouthome. You will learn a lot about recycling and how people are gaining success with this business part.

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