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American football has the highest rate of heat shock

Heatstroke can significantly affect the performance of the athletes, which results in affecting the results of the match.

Athletes playing endurance sports like American football can suffer from heatstroke.

Heat shock is a condition caused by an overheating of the body, usually due to prolonged exposure or exertion at high temperatures. This is the most serious form of thermal injury. Diagnosis of heat shock when the body’s core temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, accompanied by cognitive and cognitive disorders.

Heatstroke can significantly affect the performance of the athletes, which results in affecting the results of the match. Therefore, when participating in NFL Odds NJ, you should take notice of this.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is an average of 9237 cases of heatstroke from sports each year in high schools. A report of the American Football Association in 2008 showed that 31 athletes have died from Exertional Heatstroke (EHS) since 1995. There were 6 cases in 2008 alone. According to a study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the deaths from heatstroke were higher in the 2005-2009 period than in any 5-year period in the previous 35 years.

In the US, American football is the sport most at risk for heatstroke. The rate of meeting EHS when playing professional American football is 4.5/100 000. The number of EHS cases in the system of school sports tournaments is also quite high at the rate of 1.45/100,000.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the young athletes are not fully developed biologically, so the body is not able to cope with or adapt to changes in temperature. Therefore, children are at high risk of EHS when playing sports.

In the 2005-2011 period, based on a report extracted from the Sports Injury Monitoring System of US schools, there were 51,943 EHS cases of 9 sports occurring across the United States. 75.2% of all EHS related incidents fall into the pre-season period, only 23.6% of cases occur during the season.

Not surprisingly, cities and states with hot weather have an exceptionally high EHI: Florida (21.60/100,000), Alabama (17.92), Arizona (13.63) and Kentucky (13.08). Among the EHI cases, athletes playing in the striker position were at the highest risk with 35.7%, the second midfielder (16.9%) and the defender (9.7%).

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Surprisingly, EHS cases among female students were also found in women’s volleyball (4.8%), although athletes who played the game competed indoors. August is the peak time of EHS in the US with the rate of EHS cases up to 60.3%, of which more than 90% of cases fall into the preparation period for the season.

In addition to American football, high-intensity sports such as hiking or triathlon are also more likely to experience heatstroke.


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