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An adventure in Trinidad and Tobago

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to pack up and head off for Trinidad and Tobago.


Trinidad and Tobago is one of those countries which you most likely only know the name of because of a trivia quiz you did at Christmas with your family. If you don’t know much about this amazing country already, let us fill you in.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the islands which makes up the Caribbean. It is a country which has a wide range of culture, some amazing food and great hotels like Courtyard Port of Spain to stay and enjoy the summer. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to pack up and head off for Trinidad and Tobago this summer.

Watch steel pan bands

Some of the most iconic cultural music comes from the steel pan or drum, and this country is one of the central hubs for music of this type In the world. If you want to enjoy listening to music by passionate individuals while enjoying the sunshine, then this is definitely the place to be.

Stunning waterfalls

The weather can be pretty unforgiving in countries such as this, so to cool yourself down what better than a hike around to Argyle Falls? This waterfall has three different levels and also pools to let you cool off during the hot summer days. You can take a hike throughout the rainforest, bring a picnic with you and get loads of photo opportunities while you are there.


This might not be a term you are familiar with, and it is nothing to do with picking the fruits. Liking is a word which simply describes the act of socializing with your friends and family, drinking and dining. Think of it as a tropical version of what you would do on a bank holiday. It is a huge part of the carefree culture of the Caribbean, so it would be rude not to.

A chocolate tour

When we say chocolate tour we don’t mean a tour around a Cadbury factory, we are talking about a tour of the cocoa plantations in this tropical climate. If you are curious as to how your favorite sweet treat is really made, you can visit a plantation such as Tobago Cocoa which will allow you to explore the farming process as well as take a walk in the wild.

Find time to refresh

The beauty of countries like this is the fact that you are so far away from the stresses of your daily life, and you are able to truly enjoy things naturally. If you have been stressed for a long time in your everyday life it could be worth visiting one of the many temples in the country. The Dattatreya Temple is a particularly popular place to spend time and reflect on your life.

A fresh sunset

Whenever you visit a country such as this you are guaranteed to have an amazing sunset experience. Trinidad and Tobago is fairly free from pollution and it has many stunning beaches, meaning you can enjoy an unhindered view of the sun setting each night and exploding colour into the sky.

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