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Anatomy of a perfect night in

If you’re looking for ways to create a night in that’s both relaxing and luxurious, here are some ideas.


Sure, there’s a lot to be said for donning your most glamorous gear, crafting your makeup to jaw-dropping perfection and hitting the clubs, turning heads wherever you go. But there are times when you just don’t have the energy (or the spare cash) for a raucous night on the town. Sometimes, you’d much rather climb into something comfy and snuggle up with someone special (even if it’s just your dog) and settling in for a dreamy night in.

If you’re looking for ways to create a night in that’s both relaxing and luxurious, here’s what you’ll need…


Whomever you choose to snuggle up with, make sure you do it in style and comfort. Sure, you could grab the duvet off your bed and hunker down, but generally this isn’t advisable. The last thing you need is crumbs from your tasty snacks tickling you in bed after you’ve decided to call it a night. Opt instead for a cosy throw. Whether you opt for wool, faux fur, chunky chenille or good old-fashioned thick cotton, something to snuggle under is an essential ingredient of the perfect night in. All you need now is some cosy PJs and slipper socks and you’re good to go.  


You’ll need something to watch while you snuggle, sip and munch. Fortunately, we have more options than ever in this day and age when it comes to choosing top notch AV entertainment. Bundling cable and internet is a great way to save money and afford yourself more options than ever; giving you a combination of cable channels and streaming services. Now you’ll find that most providers also offer content in glorious 4K Ultra High Definition. This means that (provided you have a 4K ready TV) you can enjoy a movie theatre grade movie experience from the comfort of your own home… Just without the noisy obnoxious group of teenagers on the back row or the overpriced snacks. Oh, speaking of which…


If you’ll be snuggling up with someone special to watch a movie or some quality TV, you don’t want to be looking down at your plate all the time and missing valuable details. Neither do you want to spend your evening feeling bloated and guilty for excessive gorging. Thus, I advise keeping your snack choices light yet tasty offering you satisfaction without distraction.

Why not put a distinctive twist on some old favorites such as:

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  • Smoked candied almonds
  • Za’atar potato chips
  • Rosemary spiced cashews
  • Brown butter maple and pecan popcorn

All of the above can be made at home on a limited budget and are quick and easy to make.


Now all that’s left is to choose your libations. You’ll want an easy drinking wine that won’t be soured by your snacks yet offers enough complexity and character for drinking alone. A nice Malbec offers an accessible fruitiness alongside an earthy complexity. Prosecco is always a good choice, offering a refreshing cleanliness as well as those mischievous bubbles or if you’re after an easy drinking red, Beaujolais is always a good choice.

Have a great night in.


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