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Audwin: ‘We don’t need labels’

In the spirit of Pride in the Philippines this December, LGBT people were interviewed in the hopes of showing a broader spectrum of the community. Meet 25-year-old chemist Audwin.


Age: 25

What he does: Chemist

Hobbies/Interests: Sports (volleyball and badminton)

Goal in life: To have a stable career in my chosen field so I can provide for my parents.

Growing up, I didn’t know that getting attracted to the same sex was considered LGBT. It wasn’t until grade school when the term “gay” came to the picture. And it wasn’t until college ‘til I accepted who I really am. A guy asked me out and for the first time it felt “normal” for me.

I want people to understand that being queer has no difference from being straight. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are mere titles. We don’t need labels.

The only thing backing me up to be who I truly am is the greatest support system called FAMILY. Full acceptance of LGBT is far from happening. Not even tolerance is on its way. There should be laws giving LGBT equal rights to that of straight individuals.”

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Accept yourself for who you are ‘cause it is the only opinion that will matter!


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