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Bad prescriptions and medication mis-selling

The lawyer you hire can be the difference between a successful case and no compensation at all when it comes to launching a bad drug lawsuit.

If you are ready to launch a bad drug lawsuit, you will be wondering what you can claim for. Bad drug lawyers can claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced. They can also ensure you are compensated for any out-of-pocket expenses you have been subject to because of your injuries. 


This includes on-going medical treatment, as well as any other costs that are directly related, for example, the cost of counseling to get over the trauma of the experience and even admission to a drug rehab. You can also claim for diminished quality of life, as well as the loss of income. If you have missed work while you recover from your injuries, you can claim for the actual income lost. You can also claim for loss of anticipated earnings. If you aren’t due to go back to work anytime soon, your lawyer will ensure you receive a settlement to cover this. This will be based on your current rate of pay, as well as your future earning potential. 

If you are claiming on the behalf of someone else who has suffered a fatal injury, you can claim for loss of companionship and funeral expenses. There are a number of ways you can maximize the compensation you receive. This includes choosing a lawyer with care. Make sure you opt for a specialist. If you are launching an Onglyza lawsuit, for example, choose an attorney that has handled such cases before. You should also record all expenses and keep proof of them, as well as keeping a hold of any photos of your injuries or the medication that may help your claim.

The lawyer you hire can be the difference between a successful case and no compensation at all when it comes to launching a bad drug lawsuit. As touched upon, relevant experience is important. You don’t merely want a lawyer that has some general experience in bad drug claims; you need one with a specific track record. For a Xarelto lawsuit, for example, you will want Xarelto lawsuit attorneys who have experience making claims against Bayer Healthcare (the marketer of Xarelto) and Janssen Pharmaceutical (the manufacturer of the drug). 

Of course, cost is a critical factor. Make sure the lawyer is upfront about all of the costs. A lot of attorneys offer a contingency fee agreement, whereby you do not need to pay any upfront fees. However, all terms are different, so make sure you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to. Aside from finding out about the lawyer’s experience and what you can expect to pay in legal fees, there are a number of other important questions to ask. 

What is your success record? How long have you been in practice? Do you have an awards or certifications? Can you provide me with some client recommendations? This will help you to build a picture of the lawyer’s skill and competence. You should also establish lines of communication and an idea of the claim’s process.


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