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Best Practices for B2B Tour Operators

In order to continue being a competitive b2b tour operator, it is important to discover and adjust to the latest travel trends before their peak, and in general you have to keep still the implementation of some key practises.

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You managed setting up your business, creating and growing your clients’ list, constructing strong relationships with your service providers and finally being recognized as an experienced and thriving professional of the tourism industry. Therefore, you might already know that after achieving these milestones, there is one more to be conquered; maintaining your reputation.

In order to continue being a competitive b2b tour operator, it is important to discover and adjust to the latest travel trends before their peak, and in general you have to keep still the implementation of some key-practises.

• Relate with your audience

You can not correspond appropriately to each client’s needs, if you do not at first understand who they are. Their “identity” consists of having a deep insight of both their preferences and expectation, as also their own business goal and travel markets. Extent research, data analysis, frequent and good communication and continuous training, are essential elements to relate with them.

• Uniqueness and Specialization

If you want your brand to stand out of the rest, so do have to do your services.
Unusual destinations and a general variety in the style of the packages offered, characterized by uniqueness and innovation, for example exclusive itineraries and activities adjusted to the costumers’ hobbies or the local culture, have been proven to always find correspondence from the audience that is seeking to absorb the most out of an experience.

• Transparency

A trustworthy relationship demands providing clear and transparent information. This means that in all your offers and contracts you should be very precise and explanatory on how the final cost is formed (breaking down the outline might be needed), what exactly is included in the package and also name things that are excluded in order to avoid any misunderstanding possible.

Credibility is also sealed by providing detailed information regarding contractual details, such as cancellation policies and payment terms, in an easy and accessible way and understandable every-day language, and of course respecting it! 

As assumed, avoid any hidden fees and unexpected surprising expenses, and include in the offering price  eve-ry-thing , including taxes and VAT. 

• Reciprocal Feedback

In order to be able to evaluate your services, and make any change needed to improve them, make adjustments and modifications that might deliver better results or will attract a bigger amount of costumers, and develop as a business, it is obligatory to receive and actively listening yours clients feedback. Don’t wait for them to reach you, because in most cases when they do it will be not for leaving a positive comment, and in this way you miss the chance to get all the appreciation deserved. Create and send them, and later analyse, feedback surveys that will reflect their experience, including both open-end and close-end questions.

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It is important although, that you also express your satisfaction and appreciation for every successful collaboration. 

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