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BlueBall: The dance party you have always imagined

BoyCircuit International wants to re-ignite dance partying in Metro Manila with BlueBall, slated on February 28. But more than partying, a portion of the profits from BlueBall will be donated back to local Filipino organizations that are dedicated in educating, testing, doing outreach programs and treatment of HIV in the country.


In recent years, the LGBT party scene in Metro Manila has deteriorated from being the “something to look forward to in the weekend” to the just plain “spectacle and display of performances of drag queens and go-go boys.” And sadly, this is a trend even for most of the supposed topnotch bars, since seemingly gone are the days when one can experience a great night of music and dancing while drinking one’s favorite cocktail or the Nth bottle of beer while conversing with friends or while trying to catch the glance of the cute guy on the other end of the dance floor; instead, these days, it seems like it’s all about the shows. No, there is nothing inherently wrong with that; but it’s still unconsciously killing what “clubbing” is supposed to be.

To change this – at least for one night – is (arguably) one of the most ambitious parties ever to be mounted in Metro Manila, which will be helmed by BoyCircuit International, as it eyes to challenge the party scene in the country.


The group called BoyCircuit started in Dubai.  It was formed by a group of friends spearheaded by Kenny Martinez, an American partyphile and a teacher by profession, to respond to a growing need in Dubai – that is, to “host and mount a party that will go beyond everyone’s expectations”.

“BoyCircuit originated as an idea, an idea of people getting together, boys getting together, and go to a certain place, to have really great parties and just enjoy themselves,” Martinez explained.  Here, “everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you’re gay or straight, lesbian, lipstick or butch, if you’re a (trans), drag queen, whatever you want to be.  When you come to the party that is hosted by BoyCircuit, everybody will be treated as a member of the family.”

BoyCircuit is known for organizing parties in different parts of the world, supposedly to give partygoers a bird’s eye view of what it’s like to party in the US and in Europe.

“What we continuously want to achieve with BoyCircuit is to give the people want they really want to experience when they go to a party. In every event that we do, it encompasses the best of everything – in entertainment, for instance, we take some of the best stuff in the US, Europe and Asia, and bring it all together, and so you’ll have the best of these continents in one party.”

Come February 28, the partyphiles in Manila will experience something different.  And hopefully club owners would learn a thing or two with BoyCircuit’s ways when it comes to mounting a party.

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Dubbed as “the dance party you have always imagined and will never forget”, BoyCircuit will be hosting BlueBall.

“I have been to many countries in Asia Pacific and I have never been so in love with a country, its culture and its people than in the Philippines. I adore the Philippines and I think the people are some of the most genuine, compassionate, sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I’ve learned a lot about the country and every single time I’m in the Philippines, I have the time of my life. And this is the reason why I want to give something back to the people,” Martinez said.

However, Martinez noted that “I have not been in one event in the Philippines where it’s really a dance-centric event.  As such, I want to change that. I want Filipinos to experience what it’s really like to be in a real dance party.”

BlueBall is intended to be an LGBT dance event; a party to respond to the diversity of the community and culture, gathered together in one place to enjoy the night as they dance for hours and hours of good music with their friends while they enjoy their favorite drinks.

Already, BoyCircuit invited world renowned DJs to play in the event, including DJ Sinna-G from Colorado in the US; DJ Spencer Reed from Berlin, Germany;,and BED Bar’s DJ Brian Cua.

For the partygoers who still fancy watching a performance or two whenever they go clubbing, no need to fret because BlueBall will also have that in the lineup. Performers include: Victoria Michaels from Las Vegas, and Manila’s very own Jaja. 


Apart from hosting a dance parties, BoyCircuit claims it is “not just about the music, the to-die-for cocktails, and everything in between”.  In fact, BlueBall is also a benefit event of some sort.  Unlike other big parties held in the country throughout the year, BoyCircuit is changing the game not only in terms of “how partying should be done”, but also to how it will contribute after the music fades.

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“A portion of the profits from BlueBall will be donated back to local Filipino organizations who are dedicated in educating, testing, doing outreach programs and treatment of HIV in the Philippines,” Martinez said, adding that BoyCircuit plans to establish close relations with local LGBT organizations that cater to help and support the HIV awareness and treatment so that “the party will serve as a vehicle to empower organizations that deserve to be empowered. It’s all for the community.”

And when asked why they’re doing this, “any community where BoyCircuit works, we are committed to giving back to the community in which we do business with. It’s all for the community, not for us.”

Living life a day at a time – and writing about it, is what Patrick King believes in. A media man, he does not only write (for print) and produce (for a credible show of a local giant network), but – on occasion – goes behind the camera for pride-worthy shots (hey, he helped make Bahaghari Center’s "I dare to care about equality" campaign happen!). He is the senior associate editor of OutrageMag, with his column, "Suspension of Disbelief", covering anything and everything. Whoever said business and pleasure couldn’t mix (that is, partying and working) has yet to meet Patrick King, that’s for sure!


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