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Boho is In: How to Make Your Home a Hippie Haven

Here’s how you can make your own home into the perfect hippie haven.

Some interior design styles focus on aspects such as simplicity, productivity, and efficiency. Bohemian or ‘boho’ style, however, is all about creating a space that encourages free expression and comfort for everyone. It is a popular and lasting design style due to its warm and welcoming nature.

Here’s how you can make your own home into the perfect hippie haven.

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Choose the Right Colours

Boho style is known for its playful use of colour. Jewel tones such as forest greens, ocean blues, and deep reds can all serve as pops of vibrancy when used alongside earthy neutrals like brown, cream, or khaki. A great way to achieve boho style without completely renovating your space is to swap ordinary decor pieces for more eclectic ones, such as cushions, curtains, or rugs with bright colours.

Create a Natural Base

Although additional decor will undoubtedly affect how boho a room seems, even a relatively empty space can be made to appear boho with the right bare bones. The colours you use on the walls, the texture of your floors, and the style of your windows will all contribute to the bohemian look. Raw or exposed brickwork and stone floors can make a space more organic. You can take a look at natural stone tiles at for inspiration. Once you have this simple yet thoughtful base, you will be able to add details that enhance the boho feel. Even basic colours and textures can be transformed to look more bohemian.

Embrace a Mix of Patterns

Bohemian style borrows from cultures all over the world, meaning that a variety of unique patterns can be used together in a space without appearing incongruous or poorly matched. Patterns particularly favoured by boho designers include florals, stripes, paisley, and anything unusual or unique. Don’t be too worried about trying to perfectly match your different patterned pieces with a common feature such as texture or colour. Instead, lean into the harmless chaos of mismatched decor.

Prioritise Comfort

Unlike spaces designed in an industrial or crisp minimalist style, boho spaces are all about maximising comfort. Set up cosy nooks where you or your family can sit and relax, safe from the outside world. Pile up some cushions and blankets with some hanging fairy lights to instantly create a warm and welcoming corner in your home. Feel the texture of fabrics and test out furniture before you buy it so you can guarantee its comfort credentials.

Adopt Some Plants

Many people who enjoy living in boho-themed homes are avid houseplant enthusiasts. You don’t need to be a naturally gifted gardener to get started caring for indoor plants. Research a few low-maintenance varieties and try your hand at keeping them alive. Houseplants instantly make any room more relaxing and boho. Once you’ve developed more confidence, choose your plants based on the visual impact they have in your space.

Embracing Imperfections

In the world of bohemian living, cleanliness has its own unique groove. It’s not about obsessively spotless spaces but rather a celebration of life’s spontaneous messiness. You see, bohemians believe that a bit of dust or clutter can actually add to the charm of a place, like the way hardwood floors develop character with time.

We’re all about mixing and matching patterns, colors, and textures in a way that feels perfectly haphazard. Our homes might boast an assortment of quirky dishes, and our walls often become a canvas for a diverse collection of vintage treasures. Cleanliness for us isn’t about chasing perfection; it’s about finding that sweet spot where imperfections and comfort harmonize for anyone who drops by.

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Boho design doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Simply express yourself with a focus on comfort and enjoy the carefree peace of your bohemian home.

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