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BoyCircuit International gives back to Phl LGBT community

BoyCircuit International announced the recipient of the BlueBall 2014 endowment: Project Red Ribbon. “We selected them because we saw how they work for the PLHIV community. They dedicate most of their time to educate, to do outreach programs and help PLHIV in their treatments,” Kenny Martinez, president of BoyCircuit International, said.


Hong Kong-based BoyCircuit International, which specializes in hosting events for LGBT people across Asia-Pacific, has officially announced the recipient of the BlueBall 2014 endowment. BoyCircuit, which initially had a shortlist of potential organizations to partner with, chose Project Red Ribbon.

Project Red Ribbon started as a blog in 2011, providing information to PLHIV particularly in the Philippines.  It has served as a go-to of some sort for many, responding to questions and inquiries from its readers with the help of Dr. Rosanna Ditangco, who helms Research Institute for Tropical Medicine-AIDS Research Group (RITM-ARG).

Project Red Ribbon was established by blogger Pozzie Pinoy.

Project Red Ribbon is different from other organizations that cater to PLHIV, (since) 99% of our managers are PLHIVs, so we really understand what they’re going through,” Pozzie Pinoy said.  

Every month, Project Red Ribbon assists from 200 to 300 people, positive or not, including in such needs as: HIV testing, HIV treatment hubs assistance, one-on-one and group counseling, giving of inspirational talks, hospital visitation, and health and fitness gatherings, among others.

After BlueBall 2014, Project Red Ribbon will receive a grant from BoyCircuit to further their efforts to benefit PLHIVs.

“A portion of the profits from BlueBall will be donated back to the Project Red Ribbon. We selected them because we saw how they work for the PLHIV community. They dedicate most of their time to educate, to do outreach programs and help PLHIV in their treatments,” Kenny Martinez, president of BoyCircuit International, said.

For Pozzie Pinoy, the help they will be receiving from BoyCircuit will greatly affect how they do their community work.  “There were times when we have to say no or not say a word at all when there are financial constraints to treatments, and it breaks our hearts to see this limitation. But, now that we are expecting extra funding, not only we will be able to help more, but we can also continue providing more projects and services for our fellow PLHIVs.”

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According to Pozzie Pinoy, a huge portion of the endowment will go to The Love Fund, a project specifically geared towards helping the indigent and less fortunate PLHIVs.

“Many indigent PLHIV need medical assistance for expensive laboratory tests for HIV, and some of which are not covered by the PhilHealth. Some of the indigent individuals that we assist don’t even have money for transportation and food once they get confined,” Pozzie Pinoy added.

“We plan to establish close relationships with local LGBT communities, HIV/AIDS research and outreach organizations,” Martinez said, “BoyCircuit is not just a party organizer, we can also be seen as a vehicle to empower organizations who deserve to be empowered.”

He also said that The Love Fund is also used by its members when they deliver antiretroviral medicines (ARV)s to PLHIVs living in the provinces.

Dubbed as “the dance party you have always imagined and will never forget,” BoyCircuit International is slated to host BlueBall 2014 on the 28th of February.

“Any community where BoyCircuit works, we make sure that we give something back to them,” Martinez said, adding that as BoyCircuit prepares for their next endeavor, “it’s not just about the parties, it’s not just about having good music where you can dance with to forget all your problems. It’s also about finding ways on how each of us can give something in return to our community.”

Martinez added: “I wouldn’t classify myself as an advocate, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the people around me. I really want to help the PLHIV community. I have a soft spot for them because my grandfather died of AIDS in 1984.”

And with BoyCircuit’s dedication to giving back to the PLHIV community, dancing to good music while sipping cocktails will hopefully never be the same again after BlueBall.

Outrage Magazine is the official media partner of BlueBall 2014.

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BlueBall 2014 tickets are on sale now at SM ticket outlets and BED Manila. For further information about BoyCircuit and BlueBall, visit


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