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Bria and Chrissy: Entertaining to inspire

Tamsin Wu interviews YouTube sensations Bria and Chrissy as an attempt to “import some LGBT inspiration” in order to satisfy the demand for “a colorful lesbian representation, particularly in the femme or lipstick department”.

Let’s face it – the Philippines is lacking a colorful lesbian representation, particularly in the femme or lipstick department. To be honest, this is a frustration that needs to be dealt with. Since supply is lacking in that aspect, there are times that it is best to import some LGBT inspiration in order to satisfy such demand. I believe that a fuller spectrum of LGBT visibility is needed in order to encourage understanding and acceptance for both gay and non-gay people. Moreover, it is to truly see that, after all, (and this has been a resounding statement in my articles) LGBT are no different from non-LGBT people.



I came across this adorable lesbian YouTube couple – Bria and Chrissy – in their music video Take Me To Heaven. Since one of my life’s missions is to bring about lesbian visibility, I’ve decided to reach out and asked them to share their story in Outrage Magazine.

These ladies harness their own creative and meaningful ways in standing up for the LGBT community. With the power of Youtube and their lovely charisma, they’ve managed to be one of those YouTube sensations who are able to entertain and inspire millions of viewers.

I’ve watched some of your YouTube videos showing your singing prowess, as well as the adorable and touching personal aspects of your lives. It’s kind of a fun reality Web series about a lesbian couple. What drives you in making these videos?
We are driven to make these videos because when we started our youtube, there were very few people doing it. We almost felt a sense of responsibility in that we could be good role models for struggling youth. We also find sharing our hardships to be not only rewarding but cleansing as well, therapeutic if you will.

So, how do you describe your girlfriend?
Bria on Chrissy: She is the strongest, kindest, most inspiring human being I’ve ever met.

Chrissy on Bria: Perfect.



How did the two of you cross paths and fall in love?
Chrissy: We met at the first gay bar I ever went to. I walked in looking for a brunette creative beauty and she found me. I was too nervous to approach any girl, so after a few minutes at the bar, Bria walked over to me, hand outstretched and told me how beautiful I was. I was completely and utterly enamored by her from that moment on.

What’s the best and worst thing in your relationship?
The best thing about our relationship is that we get to spend 24/7 with each other for our work, personal, and everything else. The worst is that, that doesn’t feel like enough… too sappy (Laughs). It’s also the worst because sometimes you just want to get away, but you can’t when your work revolves around your relationship.

What keeps your relationship strong?
We are masters of communication… we try to be… We didn’t get a degree in communications but we sure feel like we could teach a class in it. But in all honesty, being completely open with your partner, never holding back, and speaking your mind has been what has kept the sparks alive.

How long have you girls been together? Any wedding videos soon?
We have been together three years, one month, eight days 23 hours and 14 minutes…  but who’s counting? And WHO knows? (Laughs)

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Outside of YouTube, what do you girls normally love to do?
We love hiking, cuddling, horseback riding, dancing, and playing with Siamese kittens wearing sweaters!

Hearing about coming out stories is always interesting and uplifting, especially for those who are still having a hard time about their sexuality. Can you ladies share your own coming out story?
Here is the link to our 2 videos, we hope they inspire and encourage many.



Have you ever been bullied because of being queer?

Not in the physical sense but we endure plenty of negativity, backlash, and death threats via our youtube channels.

I’m sure that aside from getting negative feedbacks, you also get positive ones. Care to share any messages from your fans that made you proud of the videos you made?
We often get touching comments and messages. But some stand out more than others. The ones that say we have saved their lives, it’s very emotional for us. We had no idea how much our words and actions could help others. It just shows that we, as in all of us in the world, have so much power to make the world a better place.

There are so many myths about being LGBT. What is that one thought or belief that is annoyingly wrong about lesbians, you think?
We always hate when people assume one of us NEEDS to be the guy when we both are obviously two strong women!

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What advice do you have for those who are still unsure or scared of living outside the closet?

KNOW that the world is changing to a more loving and accepting place, and there is always someone out there willing to show you acceptance – whether it’s in your own friend group, family, or online community – they are out there.

What are your aspirations in life?
To live every day a positive one, and to help change more hearts and minds.

I’ve read that you have a new album released this year. Tell us more about it.
We released our album in November of 2013. It’s a pop album with full and upbeat driven songs about the love of two women.

We just released our first music video of the album titled “Take Me To Heaven”. It’s a fun, sexy game of chase between two lovers.

We are selling the song/album HERE!

Anything else you would like to add?
Live every day like you want to leave the world a slightly better place and you will find ultimate happiness.

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