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Bushnell – Still the best rangefinders

What makes Bushnell so exceptional when compared to competitors is not only their reputation for precision and innovation, but also their storied history of making binoculars affordable to the American middle class for the first time.

Bushnell rangefinders: An industry standard for a reason.

When golf aficionados shop around for golf rangefinders, the gold-standard is widely understood to be Bushnell brand rangefinders. What makes Bushnell so exceptional when compared to competitors is not only their reputation for precision and innovation, but also their storied history of making binoculars affordable to the American middle class for the first time. 

Founded in 1948 by one David P Bushnell, the Bushnell Corporation started initially as an importer of binoculars made in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Previous to this, binoculars were largely considered nothing more than a toy enjoyed solely by the children of the wealthy. Having patented the specifications for his optical lenses that were manufactured overseas, David p Bushnell would later expand his business beyond just binoculars, eventually adding scopes for both rifles and spotting before selling the company in 1971. Over the next forty years ownership of the company would change hands a number of times, however the commitment to quality and reputation of the brand never faltered. 

Gradually, name-brand recognition and brand-management paved the way to Bushnell Corporation overseeing the operations of many former competitors, including the Tasco company, a well-known manufacturer of telescopes. Today the line of products Bushnell produces besides gold products range from rifle optics and golf rangefinders all the way to radar guns used by athletes and coaches to track speed. Bushnell products are employed in many professional contexts and the reputation of the brand speaks for itself.

The technology currently employed by Bushnell golf rangefinders is state of the art, you wont find such precision elsewhere. The newest Bushnell rangefinder, the 2019 Laser Rangefinder Pro XE, for example, utilizes not only temperature sensors to ensure a precise measurement, but even accounts for barometric pressure. As if it wasn’t enough to track distance, temperature, and barometric pressure, the Pro XE also calculates the slope of the target to present you with the most precise compensated distances ever found on the golf course. Further still, you can expect top-tier clarity of image with high resolution images with exceptional clarity complimented by a scope of up to 7x magnification, allowing quick and easy focusing. 

On top of boasting industry-leading magnification and precision, Bushnell’s Pro XE is encased in rubber-armored metal housing as well as being entirely waterproof. Besides the features of their top-of-the-line products, all Bushnell rangefinders come with the Bushnell Golf App. This top-of-the-line application helps golfers of all skill levels interact and understand the courses they’re playing on with a greater level of expertise. The app helps by showing hole layouts and distance to the hole, flyovers in 3D, and updates course information over wireless internet in real-time. 

Of course, considering the advantages granted by owning a Bushnell in the first place, you might not even bother with the app as a Bushnell rangefinder can improve your game by leaps and bounds, even without the app. 

Finally, all Bushnell rangefinders are equipped with a Fast Focus System, making sure you have the clarity you need for target accuracy, as well as a pin-seeker with a jolt. The pin-seeker provides short, tactical feedback, the jolt, to guarantee that the laser has locked onto the flag. This way you can make hitting that flag and getting your ball on the green as effortless as ever. Whatever part of your golf game needs just a little boost, you can be sure there’s no better choice than a Bushnell rangefinder for helping you knock a few points of your handicap.

In the realm of golf accessories there is no match for a Bushnell brand rangefinder. Combining state-of-the-art laser technology with old fashioned commitment to making a quality product, Bushnell’s Pro XE laser rangefinder is the industry standard. Being accurate to within one yard from a distance of 500 yards, this product blows competitors out of the water. 

While competitor brands claim similar accuracy and quality, Bushnell backs up their product’s reputation with a limited lifetime warranty, and has since 1984. This alone, should be sufficient evidence of the confidence Bushnell endows upon their products, a confidence you too can enjoy simply by owning one of these coveted golf accessories. Your friends on the green may have cut corners on cost and say their rangefinders and golf accessories are top-of-the-line, but you know better. There are no shortcuts on quality, and the only way to know you’re getting the true value for your dollar is with Bushnell rangefinders. 

Few competitors offer a similarly comprehensive warranty, so you know with Bushnell you’re getting something that’s designed to last you a lifetime. With the guaranteed lifespan it might even serve as a family heirloom. Though you might save a dollar here and there on cheaper competitors, you’re footing the bill if their product gives up the ghost at any time. This is not the case with Bushnell, so don’t waste your money buying inferior products over and over again, trust the industry leader with the lifetime warranty, Bushnell. Buy Bushnell just once and enjoy it for a lifetime. 

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