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Call of Duty Warzone: Best Tips and Tricks on How to Survive Solo

COD warzone features distinct gameplay for both solo and squad modes. Ardent squad mode players who want to switch to playing solo will have to deal with differences in gameplay if they want to survive.

While Call of Duty Warzone is popular for its squad mode, the game also features a solo mode for players looking to go it alone without the trouble of watching out for a teammate. This intense, action-packed game allows users to play alone without forming a team.

COD warzone features distinct gameplay for both solo and squad modes. Ardent squad mode players who want to switch to playing solo will have to deal with differences in gameplay if they want to survive.

For a more seamless adventure, switch to solo mode; some players use cheats and hack from battlelog to play. The solo mode is not as popular as the squad mode; as such, not many players know how to navigate the game alone.

How to Survive Solo in Call of Duty Warzone

No buyback to save players in solo, no loot help, no lookout, players are alone in COD warzone solo mode, and everybody else is an enemy. This means that the game is harder and requires slightly different skills than squad mode, where team communication is key. Here are some important tips and tricks for playing warzone solo mode:

1.   Have a Go-to Drop Zone

Landing in a particular zone frequently has inherent advantages as a solo player. If you drop a few times in the same location, you build a knack for where the stash is and the map.

You can quickly navigate the area to the store while knowing the perfect ambush locations. While other players without knowledge of the zone struggle to find valuables, you already have a head start.

While having a go-to drop zone is good, neglecting the attributes of choosing the ideal drop location will be suicidal. The dop location should not be in a hot drop with hospitals and large stash locations, nor should it be close to the center.

2.   Passive-Aggressive Strategy

In solo, you do not have the backup of your squad members, which encourages an aggressive attacking strategy. A passive-aggressive strategy where caution is taken seriously would be beneficial.

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Instead of rushing into battles, choosing your fight carefully and favoring a slower approach is a great strategy for a soloist.

Reducing your pace means you can catch enemies from the back, unawares. However, it would help if you were wary of the closing gas circle and other passive-aggressive players who may also be trying to catch you unawares.

3.   Loot Quickly

Loot as much as possible immediately to drop so you can get enough cash for important packages. In solo, you’re your backup, so you’ll need to pick up enough cash to get a self-revive kit, a loadout, and a UAV – in that order.

Looting immediately when you drop helps you to start racking in cash and buying your packages earlier. Landing in a familiar zone can give you the headstart and possible loot location you need to gather cash.

Luckily, there are several cash drops scattered around the map that you do not even have to complete scavenger contracts to get enough money. However, these contracts are a quick way to get cash.

4.   Medium to Long Range Weapons are Popular

The most common duels in solos are sniper and vehicle duels, with players favoring a more stealth approach in this mode. A medium to a long-range weapon is ideal for this kind of combat. The HDR, M4A1, and AX-50 are some of the most popular choices in the game.

Choosing the right weapon type for your solo mode will save you a lot of trouble in the game as you can play the most effective strategy of avoiding head-on combat with several players at close range.

5.   Utilize Ghost

As the name implies, Ghost enables you to be invisible on maps, reader drones, heartbeat sensors, and even the popular UAVs many players use towards the end of the game. This way, you can maintain your stealth mode and take on players unawares.

Aside from its high efficiency, one of the strongest pulls to using Ghost is its low usage. It is not as popular as it should be, with most players inclined towards other options, like the overkill. Its low popularity means you immediately have the edge over most players.

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Get familiar with solos mode and see why people are hooked to this Warzone mode. It features a more personal route to the center of the circle with no support from teammates. The tactics here are different, and learning how to navigate the game is key.


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