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Can you really find the cheapest CBD that is still good quality?

CBD is rather expensive right now, even for those who really need it to alleviate symptoms of their illness. So check out some ways for you to satisfy your need for inexpensive CBD without compromising on quality.

You may be a fan of CBD (sometimes better known as cannabidiol) but you may have noticed yourself spending a lot on just that. So you’re probably looking for cheap alternatives but don’t want to downgrade your quality standards.

So check out some ways for you to satisfy your need for inexpensive CBD without compromising on quality.

Common Pricing of CBD Online

CBD is rather expensive right now, even for those who really need it to alleviate symptoms of their illness. One source stated that the price of one milligram of CBD is around $0.15 so it’s not exactly cheap.

Inexpensive Sources of CBD

It may be safe to say that one reason CBD is expensive is that it seems to be a status symbol – meaning some people are spurring the price for CBD to go up because they are willing to pay for the high price. However, if demand for CBD keeps growing, the price of the products may go down as the cost risk is spread over more of the market. So the key for retailers who want to lower their prices is for them to market CBD to more people, even those who are minimum wage earners.

How To Lower Cost of CBD Per Person

It is possible to make CBD treatments less costly for patients. Here are some ways to do that:

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  • One way is to lower the amount of CBD to be taken per dose. You don’t have to make a drastic cut – just lower it to the bare minimum that you need. You will probably notice that you won’t experience a worsening of symptoms, or if you do, that the symptoms are still bearable. (If you really want to take a higher dose, you can if you want to. It’s your money).
  • You might want to look for organizations that will help you with the cost of your CBD doses. This means getting subsidized by those organizations so that you still shoulder much of the cost but they will pay for the rest. Some retailers also offer sizable discounts to certain demographic groups, especially when you purchase a lot.
  • You can also look for good quality CBD that will cost much less. One source says that you may notice that your symptoms will be treatable even if you don’t get the top-of-the-line quality CBD (which may be better known as full-spectrum CBD).

Switch to Less Expensive CBD Products?

It is possible to switch to a less costly CBD product. There a couple of main types of CBD, regardless of the way it is delivered to your body. There is the isolate CBD and then there is the full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD products contain other substances from the same plant which are believed to work hand-in-glove with CBD and thus are desirable. On the other hand, the isolate CBD products contain pure CBD only with no additional substances even from the same plant.

The pricing does depend on many factors, but full-spectrum may cost more because it has more substances in it. This is because of the “entourage effect” cited by some consumers. This simply implies that the CBD in a full-spectrum product can work better if those other substances are included. So that is why a full-spectrum product can be perceived as more efficacious than an isolated product so the price of full-spectrum remains high.

Much of the pricing hinges on the perception of the buying public. If more consumers of CBD start to believe that isolate CBD is better than full-spectrum, then perception may see a reversal soon (meaning isolate products may be perceived as being better so demand goes up and so does the price). One possible reason for a reversal is that more people may prefer the purer taste of isolate because full-spectrum tends to taste like hemp. If enough people switch to isolate, you will probably find isolate pricing to go up as well. It’s the Law of Supply and Demand.

For now, isolate CBD is less expensive than full-spectrum so focus on buying isolate CBD if you want less expensive CBD products.


Given the example above for full-spectrum and isolate CBD, you may have noticed that there seem to be inexpensive CBD products such as relaxing cream. These products are not as expensive because there is no taste variation or entourage effect to take into account. So the pricing for these inexpensive CBD products is more stable though still on the pricey side.

If you are ready for a switch, you can buy the inedible CBD products instead of the edible ones. That way, you can still use some CBD products without having to pay too much for them.

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