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Celebrating love is an age-old tradition

Every anniversary holds a significant meaning for the two individuals who are celebrating it. As time goes on, more and more of these special days pile up into milestones that mark steps in the couple’s lives.

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Every couple, married or not, has first met somewhere. The beginning of their relationship was when they, as individuals, came together to create a new identity – a couple. There are many milestones in every relationship, whether you’ve been together for five years or fifty. One of those milestones is celebrating an anniversary. Weddings are often the most significant, but that’s not all.

There are hundreds of anniversaries (that’s right – plural) that every couple can celebrate yearly in their relationship, and some couples even choose to make up their special anniversaries.

The Traditional Anniversary Element Guide Year 1 To 10

Every anniversary holds a significant meaning for the two individuals who are celebrating it. As time goes on, more and more of these special days pile up into milestones that mark steps in the couple’s lives. 

Year 1

The first anniversary, of course, is the wedding date itself. This important day is a momentous occasion in a couple’s life that deserves celebrating every year afterward. The traditional paper gift for this anniversary is cotton, which represents purity and new beginnings. 

Year 2

The second anniversary is marked by the traditional element of wood, which represents strength and resilience. This might be one of the most critical anniversaries for every couple to celebrate since it marks the point at which their relationship has indeed risen from the “honeymoon phase.” Wood can also represent growth.

Year 3

The third anniversary is the first anniversary that holds significance for both partners since traditionally this will mark one year after moving in together. This means that this couple has now started to build their lives together, something that should be celebrated with an element of stone or metal. The stone represents strength and permanence, while metal represents strength and prosperity, making these two elements especially appropriate.

Year 4

The fourth anniversary marks a special moment – four years have passed since this couple began their relationship together. This is a massive milestone for every couple that deserves to be celebrated with a significant element – gold! Gold represents perfection and achievement that the couple should be proud of. With this anniversary, feel free to splurge on something extravagant.

Year 5

The fifth anniversary is the first that you can give wood… twice! Wood represents growth and renewal, which are two things that hopefully will be happening in this couple’s relationship. For the fifth anniversary, consider giving your significant other a tree as a present.

Year 6

The sixth anniversary holds significance because traditionally it marks the two-year mark since this couple has been living together. This is another big milestone for them, so give them something significant such as iron! Iron represents strength and endurance.

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Year 7

The seventh anniversary is a milestone for two reasons – it’s the first anniversary that you can give tin as a gift, and it marks seven years since this couple has been together. Tin represents love and eternity, so feel free to share something heartfelt as an anniversary present with your significant other.

Year 8

The eighth anniversary is a special moment for two reasons. Firstly, of course, it’s the first time you can give up being creative and watching your budget by giving aluminum as a present. Aluminum represents strength and prosperity, which this couple should undoubtedly have in abundance by now.

Year 9

The ninth anniversary is another noteworthy milestone because it marks nine years since this couple started their relationship. For the ninth year, think about giving your significant other something related to water – it represents love, which is why it’s the perfect anniversary gift for them!

A Decade!

The tenth anniversary marks ten years since this couple has been together. This is a huge milestone, so why not get your significant other something traditional for this occasion? Give your significant other a diamond as a present. Diamonds represent forever, so a 3 carat diamond ring would be the perfect anniversary gift for them.

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