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Challenges of dating for trans women

So what are these problems that trans women encounter when dating? Let’s find out, along with a dating serving that eyes to deal with these challenges.

Navigating through the dating scene as a trans woman can be compared to playing a video game on hard mode. There are so many different challenges that trans women face when dating in real life and online.

So what are these problems that trans women encounter when dating? Let’s find out.

  1. Finding a trans-oriented partner. Picture this, you find a good man at a bar. He’s handsome. He’s smart. He’s exactly your type. But, he isn’t into trans women. And this can happen several times on different occasions. Of course, it makes you feel rejected for just being who you are and you keep wanting to quit dating on many occasions.
  2. Personal insecurities. One thing that trans women often experience is rejection. Even at an early age, a young trans girl can experience bullying and rejection by her peers. They can also experience not feeling good enough especially when they compare themselves to others. Personal insecurities and feelings of inadequacy can lead to instability in relationships. This can lead to them projecting how they feel onto their partner which can cause problems when dating.
  3. Transphobia. It’s understandable that people have a preference about who they date. It’s okay to decline someone who isn’t exactly your type. But when a person who prefers to date cis individuals expresses their disgust for trans women or acts violently towards them, that’s transphobia. Trans women are often subject to this behavior and it can often threaten their safety when meeting people in person.
  4. Dating on regular dating platforms. This can often be a hit or miss because trans women often get ostracized on these apps. When the person they’re talking to isn’t trans-oriented, trans women often experience harassment on these dating sites. They often get ostracized and they feel like they don’t belong which can really affect one’s confidence.
  5. Supposed trans dating sites. There are trans dating sites that allow prostitution, hookups, and fetish profiles. This can get in the way of trans women who want to find love and serious relationships. These sites also paint trans women in a bad light, making them seem like they only want money or sex when in reality there are many trans women who want genuine connections.

So what’s the solution to these challenges that trans women experience?

One of the best solutions when looking for a person who wants the same kind of relationship is a niche dating website. For trans women, a trans dating site answers the many issues such as those mentioned above to finding the right partner. 

But all trans dating websites do not work for everyone. Some allow prostitution, pay for pleasure, and sexual encounters/hookups. If you are looking for a serious relationship, a well-moderated website is the perfect option.

Being aware of societal issues and changing for progress are also good qualities for any type of website. When you see things changing, and there are constant improvements with every  update then that is definitely a green flag. 

One website that addresses the challenges mentioned above is My Transgender Date, the leading dating site for trans women and trans-oriented men. It’s a niche dating site created by founders Filipino beauty queen Maki Gingoyon and French entrepreneur Cyril Mazur. Both of them felt there was a need to create a website especially for trans women so that they would have a safe and decent space for finding genuine connections and real love. 

The site’s team is mostly made up of trans women (most of which are Filipino). The founders wanted to give decent job opportunities to trans women such as moderating and writing for the site. This also gives the team a voice for trans women, ensuring that the site indeed helps address challenges trans women face when dating.

Recently, the site has also made a big change to promote inclusivity by changing its name from My Transsexual Date to My Transgender Date. Though the word transsexual is still a valid term, the change was necessary because its usage and popularity has waned over the recent years in favor of the word transgender. It was a welcome change especially with users who were not very comfortable with the word transsexual anymore. 

With over 1.2 million profiles and thousands of active users, it has become the most successful dating app for trans women online. This success can be attributed to their values and goals which was to have a safe and decent space for trans dating. With all these qualities, My Transgender Date is the perfect site for addressing the challenges that trans women face when dating. 

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