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Entertainment Available in Manila Following the Metro Manila Pride Event

Now that pride month is over and the dates are being agreed for next year’s festivities, you may find yourself wondering what else there is to do in our capital city. Here are some recommendations.

Now that pride month is over and the dates are being agreed for next year’s festivities, you may find yourself wondering what else there is to do in our capital city. If you traveled to Manila and are sticking around this year, or you plan on doing so next year, we have some handy entertainment tips that will enhance your stay!

Online Entertainment Is Available

Did you know that Manila has the strongest internet infrastructure in the country, with some of the highest speeds? The rural-urban divide in internet is stark in the Philippines. If you’re from a rural area where the internet is harder to access, you’ll be spoiled for choice by the 4G availability that Manila has.

A stay in Manila means you can access better internet connections than in much of the country. This comes with new opportunities to communicate with members of the community, stay informed on the latest news, and find new entertainment. There are many forms of entertainment available – iGaming is a good example that is freely available online and works on your mobile phone. There are numerous options such as slots online with jackpots, including games themed after cultures from all over the world like ancient Greece or Egypt, as well as a range of table games.

Visit The SM Mall Of Asia

As part of the Manila Bay, Bay City in Pasay is a reclaimed and built-up part of the area that’s also home to the country’s largest shopping mall. It’s on the outskirts of the capital, so you may not have seen it during the pride celebrations in places like Rizal Park. It’s easy to get to the Mall of Asia through nearby bus and train routes. Calling it a mall is selling it short, however, as this is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the area with two stories worth of attractions to offer.

Like with a stronger internet connection, there are things you’ll find in the Bay City Mall of Asia that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s the largest retail complex around, complete with a food hall, a game and bowling center, a cinema, and an Olympic size skating rink. Its many stores, not to mention the shops in the streets surrounding the complex, are perfect for finding souvenirs to remember your time in the capital. Being on the bay, there are a lot of water-based activities and attractions available too.

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Visit The Walled City & Other Historical Landmarks

When caught up in modern celebrations like Pride, it can be easy to overlook historical sites from struggles that have been put behind us. The Intramuros quarter in Manila is full of old Spanish ruins like Fort Santiago, echoing the time that Spain controlled the Philippines. It’s not all ruins, however, like the beautiful San Agustin church which is a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If you’re interested in the history of the Philippines and how we have a rich history of fighting against oppression, you should check the Intramuros. Alongside old stone buildings, you’ll find a shrine to country’s anti-colonial national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. We already mentioned Rizal Park, where Pride events take place throughout the month, where you can see another statue of him. In the Intramuros walled city, you can go from site to site on a bamboo bike.

Those are some new and historical attractions that everybody should check out when in Manila, whether it’s for Pride or for other reasons. The Metro Manila Pride is already set for next year, so take down some of these suggestions if you plan on staying in the city!

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