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Family is a four letter word

In the past, there was this absurd idea that homosexuality was nothing but degeneracy, multiple partners, orgies of unfaithfulness, and all of that other nonsense perpetuated by lawmakers and politicians stuck in the Dark Ages. But times, thankfully, have changed.


There was a time where the LGBTQI community would have just accepted that they were never going to start a family. That they would need to live in secrecy forever, and never get the opportunity to raise and love and teach and inspire the next generation.

In the past, there was this absurd idea that homosexuality was nothing but degeneracy, multiple partners, orgies of unfaithfulness, and all of that other nonsense perpetuated by lawmakers and politicians stuck in the Dark Ages. We all know this is, of course, untrue, and that it is not the partner you are with, but instead who you are. Weird, how straight couples aren’t treated with the same attitude.

But times, thankfully, have changed. Every day, cultures and nations and communities around the world are accepting LGBTQI. Recent years have ushered in acceptance of same-sex marriages, despite some doing their hardest to position themselves above the law, something to do with God’s will, and all that.

And so, LGBTQI has become mainstream. There is no longer the fear of living in the closet, even in countries where such a lifestyle is still frowned upon. LGBTQI couples are no longer afraid of holding hands walking down the road. They no longer keep their voices low when talking about the future.

The world may seem like it is going to hell in a handbasket. Wars are raging, celebrity legacies are dying faster than we may have expected, and there is of course still rampant inequality on every level of society.

The growing acceptance of LGBTQI is a cause for celebration. For one of the first times in history, no one cares if you are gay or lesbian or bi or queer or trans, at least in the younger generation. And those that do care? Well, educating them, demonstrating love and compassion instead of slinging back as good as you get is the best way of furthering this acceptance until it is worldwide.

What was once considered an ‘alternative lifestyle’, a nice way of putting it back then, but still insulting, has now become something that seems almost trendy. For years, girls boasted of their gay best friends like they were some sort of fashion accessory. Now, you tell someone you are LGBTQI, and they shrug, probably say ‘Cool’, and carry on with their lives.

What people have realized is that LGBTQI is no different from straight. It doesn’t matter who you get into bed with, as long as no one is being taken advantage of. Following this shift in attitude, the idea of a family for same-sex couples is no longer a dream, but a wonderful, exciting reality.

Old timers will probably still reject it, but the younger generation, the one that will inherit the planet in a decade or so, are looking for opportunities and solutions to provide every couple. Straight, gay, bi, and more with the chance to raise a child, create a family, and continue their legacy.

These solutions include sperm donors, adoption, surrogate mothers, and are all options to consider when wanting to start a family. But there are risks associated with all of these methods.

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Sperm donations can bring about drama later in life, should the father want to reconnect. Adoption runs the risk of children who perhaps aren’t entirely keen on their adoptive families, and surrogate mothers may have a change of heart at the last minute, and elect to keep the baby they carried.

When looking into such solutions, it is vital that same-sex couples do their research. Don’t rely on word-of-mouth. Instead check, check and check again to ensure whatever service you use is reputable and trustworthy.

Furthermore, lesbian couples can research full stimulation IVF to find an affordable program that will benefit their lives and the lives of those around them. Allowing them to bring a baby into the world where, as little as forty years ago, this possibility seems but a distant destination, far below the horizon.

These advancements in technology and society as a whole are paving the way to provide a better future for our children. A more transparent service will hopefully save millions of children from being born with illnesses they do not deserve and have been cursed with due to circumstance.

The future, in some ways, is looking bright. The modern day has brought about benefits and privileges for those who believed they would never get such privileges, those who were resigned to live on the outside of supposed ‘normality’.

All that really matters when raising a family is that the parents raise them in a supportive environment and care for the child like they would each other. So yeah, family is indeed a four-letter word, and that four-letter word is not girl or boys, it is LOVE.

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