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Feeling frustrated? How and why the new year can be a time of positive change

If you find yourself feeling frustrated right now, then there are some changes you can make for the better.


There comes a time in all of our lives where we can feel frustrated with the way things are going. Perhaps you have taken a direction in life and wonder where you might end up? Maybe you don’t like the career you find yourself in, the area you live, there’s something about your appearance knowing your confidence or simply you just don’t know what the next few years are going to bring. Often uncertainty can be seen in two ways, you are either excited about the adventure, or terrified of the prospect of what next. All of these feelings and thoughts are normal.


But if you find yourself feeling frustrated right now, then there are some changes you can make for the better. Often when we feel frustrated the last thing we want to do is take steps for change, but the change can be the way to feeling better and also start us on a new path of self development, discovery and a positive approach to life. With the new year here, it is the perfect time to make some positive changes, set yourself goals and resolutions that will help enrich your life. So what can you do now? Here are some suggestions to help you get started. 

Create actions for the near future 

Sometimes the reason we feel this way is because we just can’t see past our current situations. This is when setting goals and considering what you want from life would be a great action to take. However, while it is amazing to think long term you may also want to take the time to think about the near future. Changes that could be made right now, things that could benefit you and goals that could be worked towards now. There are plenty of blog posts out there that could offer some inspiration for this. If doing this sounds overwhelming, then break it down a little. Look at your career, your relationship, what you do in your spare time, and the things you might want to do. Look at these areas and make some smaller goals to work towards. 

Are there physical changes you want to make?

In some cases, it can be our confidence that takes a knock, and this can be put down to the way we feel about our physical appearance or our personalities. It might be that you want to set small goals like a change of hair style, or maybe take action in other areas such as getting a brighter smile, changing your makeup routine or stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to the clothes that you wear. In many cases it can be these changes that help us to feel more confidence in our physical appearance, which in turn can have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing and some of the other actions that we take in life. Are there things that you can control and change? What is holding you back?

Change your mindset for the better

Your mindset is a big part of how you feel, and if things seem a little negative it could be down to your mindset. So putting some focus on how you think is a great way to develop more positive habits when it comes to your thought process. Thinking positively means that other aspects of your life can be affected. It may feel forced at first, but a great tip is to stick with it and ensure that you develop the right habits for your mindset. Which can ultimately help you feel better about the way your life is going. Frustrations can be negative, so a positive approach may help you work towards the goals you set. 

Is a change of career needed?

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Maybe this is the perfect time of the year to start focusing on your career. Perhaps you don’t enjoy the job that you do and want to make some changes to it such as finding a new job or a complete career change. This can be a great time of the year to feel motivated to take on a change such as this. A career change may even involve you taking the plunge to work for yourself and perhaps start a business. Allowing you to get the work and home life balance you crave. Your job and livelihood can be a huge frustration in your life if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. So maybe now is the time to start making some changes.


Your diet and exercise regime

January is often the time of year where people focus on their diet and their health, and this can be a big frustration for you, especially if you have over indulged in the festive period. But, don’t be tempted to follow some unsustainable diet or try and exercise every day. Often we can set ourselves unrealistic goals in this area of our lives, which means that we are likely to not be able to keep up with it. Which causes more frustration as you feel bad about yourself. Instead, why not make small changes? It could be that you give up alcohol or sugary treats. It could be that you just increase the intake of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Maybe exercise for you is more about being active each day. Make small changes and the bigger changes will start following, helping you to feel better about yourself. 

It might be as simple as changing your lifestyle

Finally, it may be as simple as changing your lifestyle for the better. The food that you eat and the exercise that you take can make a big difference to how you feel in life. Frustrations can be caused by how you feel, and so making some physical changes that can make a more positive difference. Certain foods you eat or eating a more balanced diet can give you more energy, and even though exercise can be hard to handle there is no denying the great feelings you have once you are done. You don’t need to go to extremes, but taking better care of yourself could make a world of difference. 

Let’s hope that some of these positive actions help you to feel less frustrated in life.

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